Alpenglow #13

Mountain News from around the world

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• The Outdoor Society Live is happening this week at Three Magnet’s Brewing in Olympia, WA.  We have the family-friendly ‘Barrel Room reserved – come and hang with us.

• Trixwithay just released her 2016 ‘Mountain’ calendar. Head over there and preorder one, or ten.

• The North Face is working on a secret clothing project: Stunt or innovation, we will find out soon.

Outside has a great expose on the skill of being a climbing gym route setter. “They are to a climbing wall what coders are to a video game, the geeks who keep you up all night obsessing over that winning sequence.”

Cabin Porn is exactly what it sounds: “Inspiration for your quiet place somewhere”.

REI has a new website. As a designer myself, I’m always intrigued by big company website redesigns. The site feels fresh and the homepage is devoted to their own brand REI Co-Op.

• We got a new shirt: Dreaming of the Mountains. Come and get it.

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