Singletrack 21: ‘Fall and ‘Loaving’ on Lowland Trails’

We’re officially introducing a rebranding of this fine outdoor podcast to the newly christened: SingleBREAD. Mathias bakes bread and Douglas eats it.
Oh right, we’re also recapping our weekend runs up to Electric Peak and Mt. Gladys respectively. There’s a conversation about fall running and finding joy on trails in the lowlands once the snow hits the mountains – which will happen very soon.

Stumbling Upon a Sunrise at Ooh Aah Point. #NatureWritingChallenge

I am not a morning person. Everyone who knows me is aware of this, thanks largely to my inability to do much before sunrise. Or, more realistically, even before 10am. For me, mornings are when I hold onto the warmth from my bed or sleeping bag for as long as I can until the sun’s rays can warm me. Dawn and I typically don’t get along, but I do have to admit some of my favorite moments on public lands do come during the morning hours. 

#NatureWritingChallenge is Back for Season Two!!

It is with much excitement that The Outdoor Society announces Season Two of #NatureWritingChallenge! We took a break for the summer months, but now that signs of fall are all around us, it is time to pick back up this awesome writing exercise. With a whole new layout and new topics, those who love writing about the wonders and experiences found on Public Lands have another chance to share that passion with other like-minded explorers. Starting on September 10th, 2018 and running through Spring of 2019, Season Two of #NatureWritingChallenge is going to be awesome. 

Singletrack 20: ‘Hashtag ElkMatingTips’

Back from vacation the team dives into a jam-packed show headlined by an interview with the awesome Jenny Vierling, cofounder of Tailwind Nutrition. The team discusses the benefits of training slow, the UTMB carnage from the prior weekend, new FKTs on the Wonderland Trail, and the endless/pointless discussion around people misbehaving in the wild. Phew… are you still with us?

Singletrack 19: ‘An opportunity to grow a big long Beard’

Mathias shares some big personal news, which brings the hosts to question their facial hair choices. Recovery footwear is tested, approved and may or may not require a towel.

The Ultimate Wildlife Watching Guidebook to Yellowstone National Park


The word alone conjures up images and memories for those who enjoy America’s Public Lands. The park is world famous, a destination for roughly four million people a year, with the majority arriving over just a three month time period. Popular, scenic and enjoyable for all ages, Yellowstone is a destination for a myriad of reasons, but young and old all seem to fall in love with the two million acres wilderness wonderland. 

Singletrack 18: ‘Complimentary Continental Breakfast’

It’s finally family vacation time for Mathias and he’s in the exciting planning stages to escape the wildfire smokes in the Pacific Northwest and head to Yosemite. Douglas shares his childhood experiences from visiting this crazy popular National Park and they try to figure out how to make this trip the most memorable ever.
We’ll also bring you a interview with Johannes Ariens, Co-founder and CEO of Loge Co, a rad new local chain of hip outdoor destination basecamps in popular adventure tourist spots like Westport, Leavenworth and Bend, OR.
Ready for a road trip?

Singletrack 17: ‘Don’t take those Pay Phones away from me’

Between praising the virtues of night running and discussing the challenges of running on sandy beaches we’re bringing you this week an extra special interview with U.S. Congressman Derek Kilmer representing Washington’s 6th District. Derek is co-sponsoring an important bill with bipartisan support that aims to help the National Parks with their maintenance backlog. There’s discussion about sending letters to the universe, hiking with fellow members of congress at the Hoh, and how we can get involved helping our public lands.  Don’t miss this one.

Singletrack 16: ‘A delicious sip of grapefruit flavored water’

We’re excited to bring you an exclusive interview with the ladies who just crushed the FKT on the Press Traverse in Olympic National Park.
Also: Mathias runs up to Camp Muir at sunrise and Doug is stretching before his runs while dreaming of the cooler temperatures of fall.

Lena Lake, Other Hamma Hamma Area Trails and Roads Closed Due to Forest Fire

The Maple Fire, burning on the eastern side of the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, has doubled in size over the past two days and shows no sign of dying down. The Maple Fire has now burned 810 acres and is still just 5 percent contained. The good news is that the crews and equipment ordered earlier in the week are starting to arrive, with an estimated crew of 300 personnel on the fire by August 10th. 

Fire Comes to the Olympic Peninsula: Hamma Hamma’s Maple Fire

A forest fire is burning near the Hamma Hamma River in Olympic National Forest and shows no sign of slowing down. Growing almost 300+ acres in 24 hours, the Maple Fire has so far burned 350 acres as of August 7th, 2018 and has closed access to trails and roads on the eastern side of the Olympic Peninsula. Even the Popular Hamma Hamma Road, home to popular hikes like Lena Lake and Lake of the Angels, is under a Level 1 evacuation notice. A crew of 80+ are fighting the blaze, but have just 5% contained. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. 

Campfire Restrictions Begin August 8 for Olympic National Park and Forest

Beginning August 8, Olympic National Park, Olympic National Forest, and Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest will restrict campfires to developed campgrounds, picnic areas, and rental cabins with cement or metal fire rings only until further notice. This includes the coastal areas of Olympic National Park.

Singletrack 15: ‘That Bear didn’t care’

Mathias finally gets to run a seriously epic route and makes Douglas envious.
Delicious FourPoints energy bars are being throughly tested.
Your hosts also take a look at the new premium features in Strava called ‘Summit’ and their cool route creation tool.
The community board Fastest Known Time gets as cool facelift which inspires for more trail shenanigans.

Mountain Goat Removal to Start in Olympic National Park This September

Attention mountain goats of Olympic: You can run, but you can’t hide. In one month, the removal of Olympic National Park’s mountain goats will begin. Starting on September 10th and lasting for eleven days, popular trails in the Hurricane Ridge region will be closed for all access. That means you only have a few more weeks to explore the scenic treks and take in one last gaze at the mountain goats of the ridges of Olympic.

Singletrack 14: ‘Not all who wander are lost, only sometimes’

In this very special episode we interview friend of the show Chuck Malinski, who with his friend Matt attempted to trail run/climb Mount Lena along the Hood Canal in Olympic National Park. With bad visibility the two got completely turned around and found themselves lost on the section beyond Upper Lena Lake. Stumbling through bear country and thick underbrush they had to spend the night under the stars. The next morning with clear minds they bushwhacked themselves out along the Duckabush River until they found a trail leading them to safety. This is their story.

Makah Tribal Petroglyphs Vandalized in Olympic National Park

Another summer, another round of vandalism in our National Parks. In what is sadly becoming news as predictable as clockwork, another culturally significant site on our public lands was desecrated. This time, the damage was done to a rock containing historical, tribal petroglyphs along the Pacific Coast of Olympic National Park.

Yosemite National Park to Close for the Month Due to Fire Danger

In what seems like a constant battle with wildfires, Yosemite National Park is the latest victim. While the park is not fully aflame, burning like the great Yellowstone Fire of 1988, this year’s fire danger is being taken seriously by NPS officials. Starting on July 25th, 2018, most of the popular regions of Yosemite will be closed until nearly the end of month. Hopefully, the closure will be temporary and the fire danger will decrease. 

A Night Eruption of the World’s Tallest Active Geyser, Yellowstone’s Steamboat Geyser

On the night of July 20th, 2018, The Outdoor Society witnessed an extremely rare event above the Norris Geyser Basin. As the night sky expanded above us, we sat, watched and listened as the world’s tallest, currently active geyser, Steamboat Geyser, erupted just a short distance away. From our vantage point, we snapped pictures and watched in awe, realizing how lucky we were to see an eruption. 

Singletrack 13: ‘What’s the furthest you ever run backwards?’

The crew celebrates the perfect weekday run. Right out the door, a great mixture of terrain, like a great burger, it’s there for you when you need it most.
Also: Mathias has a great idea on how to keep that commitment to our personal dream projects. It involves $150 and might get you a t-shirt, it might.

Singletrack 12: ‘My Pain Cave is real’

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Doug runs Bangtail Divide and is all smiles. Summer is here and our training runs are sweaty and sometimes shirtless. Mathias dreams up a new audacious project, that’s both doable and insane.

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