Glamping is having a Moment – and so have the Haters

There’s another “don’t move my cheese” purist hater, and this time the New York Times picked up the ‘opinion’ piece by Christopher Solomon a contributing editor at Outside magazine titled “Our Pampered Wilderness“.

Spelunking with Drones in Vietnam

For anyone that knows me, they are aware that recently I have become quite intrigued with drone photography. Whether it is flying off the crater at Mt St Helens, or just my attempts to take cool pictures of the Olympic Mountains, the possibilities of getting yet another angle on wilderness excites me. That is why when I was sent an email with a link to this video a few days ago, I was intoxicated by being able to remotely explore yet another natural wonder. This time it was the Son Doong Cave in Vietnam.

Because the world Is awesome

Let’s kick off the weekend with a few inspiring links to cool stuff we found online this week. Because the world is awesome, and you are awesome too.

Amazing Video from Greenland’s Ilulissat Glacier

Nature documentaries are my not so guilty pleasure, especially ones who show remote parts of the world that seem foreign and remote. That is why, when I caught a glimpse of this video from the  documentary “Chasing Ice”, I had to not only share it, but watch it on iTunes. It is well worth the $13.

The documentary, released in 2012 is well worth the watch, and not just for the clip we share on this link. The documentary is about, 

“…an opportunity to move forward…”

George Zell Heuston in his new book “Avoiding the Sudden Stop“:

“It hit me like a ton of bricks,” he said. “Here I was using my retreat into the mountains as a retreat instead of an opportunity to move forward to prepare for being in the flatlands living my life and having a family, striving to be balanced in the normal environment of life. It was like a light bulb came on.”

Volcano Eruption Pictures Never Cease to Amaze: Villarrica Edition

I was born in the shadows of volcanoes. My life has been spent looking in craters or exploring the slopes of volcanos that could erupt. I live in the Pacific Northwest, home to volcanoes that are dead, erupted or waiting for their moment. My year of birth is 1981, meaning I missed the eruption of Mount Saint Helens by one lousy year.

Bison Charges Parked Car in Yellowstone: Video

Anyone that knows me knows I preach and practice keeping proper distance from wildlife at all times. From writing blogs about it for other publications, to educating people on the issue every chance I get, I am always telling people one thing- If you stay far away from an animal, you will be fine. Sometimes, I am proven wrong.

Mammut’s #Project360

Discover what it feels like speed climbing the Eiger North Face and the Matterhorn via the Hörnligrat on an app on your iPad from the comfort of your home. This is all thanks to GoPro. They are completely changing the game as to what’s possible in documenting and creating stories and thus allowing people a first row seat to the what it feels like climbing mountains like this.

Disgusting Facts: Salmon Sperm Helps Recycling, Herring Sperm Stops Fires

In a story that I can only describe as disgustingly creative, Japanese researchers have discovered that salmon sperm can help separate rare earth elements (REEs) from scrap metals. In a study conducted by the University of Tokyo, salmon sperm was found to separate REEs from ore, magnets and electronic waste.

Climb in Grand Teton National Park, from any device

There are those who stare at a mountain from afar, day-dreaming of the potential panoramas caught from their rocky summits. Some are unable to climb due to modern-day problems like work and children, while others have lost the ability to get out and explore the wilderness. Now, from the comfort of your own screen, you can climb, explore and learn about one of the most recognizable mountain ranges in America. Thanks to a few hard working, underpaid individuals in The Grand Teton National Park, you can now climb The Grand in the the Teton Mountain Range. Climbing 13,770 feet from the comfort of your own home may not be ideal, but if nothing else, taking a few minutes to explore the summit of this majestic mountain should inspire a trip to this Wyoming National Park.

Into Thin Air – the movie

If you read the book by John Krakauer and if you have seen the movie Everest in IMAX, you know the story of the devastating snow storm who took the lives of some of the most prolific guides on Mount Everest in 1996. There’s also a 1997 version of the story titled Into Thin Air, which streams on Netflix, but I don’t think anyone ever watched it.

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