Seven Heavenly Beach Escapes in Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is said to be three parks in one, offering visitors a chance to see rainforests, glaciated mountains and the longest stretch of undisturbed coastal wilderness in the lower 48. Full of wonder and amazement around every corner, Olympic National Park’s natural beauty stuns all who explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site. While I personally think the entire park is underrated and an amazing place to explore and hike each week, one area that gets less popularity than it should is the 73 miles of coastal wilderness of Olympic.

A Glimpse into the Wilderness of Joshua Tree National Park

Who can name three facts about Joshua Tree National Park? Now who can name three facts without mentioning the U2 album? Mathias, that last comment is directed at you.I may be wrong on this, but I think it is fair to say that few outside of California and Arizona know much, if anything about Joshua Tree National Park.

How big is this place?

The Olympic National Park is big. Like really big. 1,442 square miles (3,735 square km) big.

Port Angeles: One of the coolest towns in America

In a list complied by the Matador Network highlighting their 20 coolest towns in America, the small city of Port Angeles came in at number 16. For many, the city of Port Angeles serves as a gateway to Vancouver Island and the remote Olympic National Park, accessible along a gorgeous drive along Highway 101 or across the Strait of Juan de Fuca by ferry. Known by locals as P.A., this small town on the northern Olympic Peninsula blends its logging and port history perfectly with tourism and nature.

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