When it gets cold outside we bake Pretzels

You know what’s almost as awesome as hiking?

Baking bread.

That’s right. When the weather turns and the cold creeps into the house on weekends, I turn to baking to keep the family well fed and in good spirits.
One of my family’s favorite recipes is this pretzel recipe.

Trail Mix – A Love Song

Of course, this is a total ‘doh’ moment.
When you hike a lot, trail mix is probably your go to snack food for, well snacking, and also for important nutrients. It’s fuel and it’s fun.

Best homemade Granola bars

These granola bars are trail approved.  Chewy, with a bit of crunch. Satisfying and not too sweet. They give you energy and are delicious. They are simple to make, with inexpensive ingredients and easy to adapt and change to suit your taste.

Recipe by my wonderful wife Trixy.

So, what are you waiting for?

Make your own granola bars for your most delicious trail snack, for your kids’ lunches, and for weekday breaks at the office. The mountains are calling and you need a good snack on the trail.

Made in the great Pacific Northwest

By Douglas and Mathias in Olympia, Washington and Livingston, Montana.

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