93: ‘Revisiting 90s Fashion Trends’

Mathias dreams of life in a tourist town and rollerblades through Munich, Doug takes his gramophone out on a trail and makes eye contact with a dog.

Spot on trail running talk, as always.

92: ‘Running Fast with Statler and Waldorf’

In this week’s audio extravaganza the team dives into the
excellent article on the future of alpinism in Rock and Ice. Stories are being told of running adventure while traveling and and somehow roller skates are thrown into the mix.

91: ‘You Down With PCT?’

This week’s episode is all about the Pacific Crest Trail, and the weather, of course the weather.
Mathias again didn’t get the award for ultra runner of the year and Doug got stared down by a coyote, but aside from that, we’re doing just fine.

Thank you all for coming out to our first ‘Stories of Adventure‘ event at Swantown Inn & Spa. What an incredible night, thank you!

90: ‘The River Runs Through It’

It’s wet on our runs, and cold, and windy, and soon probably snowy. Runners, embrace the harsh weather and enjoy those miles breathing cold air and refresh your mind. Our sport is growing and your trusty podcast creators are diving into some cool stats from a cool survey highlighting some incredible figures.
What a show! Come run with us 100 miles in a week!

89: ‘Setting our Sights on a New Year’

After a deserved holiday break your favorite audio experience crew is back setting goals for the new year. Join the fun and get inspired for adventures on trail to mountain tops and beyond.

88: ‘Love Actually is All Around’

Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays and Fr√∂hliche Weihnachten from Douglas and Mathias to all of you, dear listeners. While you can’t talk back at us and correct us when you listen, you mean the world to us and we wouldn’t do it without you, seriously.

Here’s to an amazing 2020!

87: ‘Geofencing my Treadmill Run’

With the weather turning sour your favorite audio experience hosts discuss the option of incorporating indoor training units in our running routine. Glacier Peaks Studio announces a major update to our favorite GPS mapping apps Topo Maps+ and Christmas cookies are wrapped in environmentally friendly beeswax wrappers.

86: ‘Charging My Camera Battery in My Pants’

Walking a tightrope around tricky issues the team talks cold weather clothing, ‘nimby’-ism, and summer adventure plans. Too soon? It’s never too soon to dream of sunny days. They are ahead!

85: ‘Oh Man, That’s a Tough Break’

America’s Favorite Podcasters(TM) take on La Sportiva shoes, gyms for millennials and overpriced Xmas presents. What to do when encountering ¬†grizzlies and hunters while on a run and what not to do when getting lost on a long trail race.

Also: New trail races for 2020!

84: ‘Saving the Best for Last – Our Incredible Holiday Gift Guide Part 2’

Happy Thanksgiving and happy ‘Gift Guide Part 2’. Here are a few more of our favorite things, packaged, dissected, recommended and reviewed. Part 1 can be found here. We love all this stuff and we hope you will love it too. If you do, buy it via the direct links on this page.