Colonel Bob Peak


Nearest City: Hoquiam
Best Season: Year round
How Far: 8 Miles
Elevation Gain: 3,500ft

At 8 miles round trip and 3,500 feet of elevation gain, the majority of day hikers avoid this route for fear of severe fatigue and general lack of being in shape. Many will avoid the trail or dismiss this post right away, but those who do are missing out on a trail with some of the greatest views around. Many of us have fallen into a pattern where we aren’t as active as we would like. Many of us sit for hours at the same work station, our legs slowly becoming atrophied from lack of movement.

Colonel Bob is the opposite of that. Colonel Bob is steep, but enjoyable. It is for those hikers looking to get something a bit harder completed, for those adventurers looking for a great view and for those of us who know there needs to be more to life than just being sedentary. Yes, you will sweat. Your legs will probably get sore. You will at one point or another on the trail wonder what type of person enjoys hikes like this. You may curse, at yourself or at me, but once you see the view from the summit, the small aches and pains fade away in the euphoric panorama that unfolds before you.



From Aberdeen travel north on US 101. Just past milepost 112 turn right onto Donkey Creek Road (Forest Road 22) Follow this paved road for 8 miles to a junction. Turn left onto FR 2204 and continue 11 miles to the trailhead at Petes Creek.

If you have ever hiked to the summit of a mountain on the Olympic Peninsula, you know the views are some of the best that America has to offer. If there was a list of most-unique views, Colonel Bob should be highly ranked. Offering phenomenal glimpses at Mount Olympus, the Wynoochee Forests, the Quinault Rainforest, Grays Harbor, Lake Quinault, Mount Rainier and the Pacific Ocean, it is hard to figure out why you would want to hike to any other mountain.  For those more daring, explore around the summit and look straight down on the unique eco-system from the gnarly summit.