Ruby Beach


Nearest City: Hoquiam/Forks
Best Season: Year round
How Far: .5 Miles
Elevation Gain: 200ft

Ruby Beach is one of the more stunning beaches on the Pacific Coast, yet due to its remote location, it doesn’t have the fame of other beach destinations. More stunning than Cannon Beach, Ruby Beach offers visitors a chance to look at tide pools, explore sea stacks, watch eagles and whales, and hike along one of the many scenic stretches of beach in Olympic National Park. Perfect for a quick stop while heading to another destination, or a place to spend all day, Ruby Beach is are to please anyone who enjoys the coast of the Pacific Northwest.

Ruby Beach is not just an easy to access, stunning beach; it is also the location for some of the best and most iconic sunsets in America. With Abby Island looming large off the coast to the northwest, and Destruction Island’s lighthouse flashing to the southwest, the sun drops below the horizon turning the clouds into incredible colors. Sure, it might be cloudy here more often than it is sunny, but nearly every night has a sunset worth watching.


On 101 head north from Lake Quinault, driving toward the beaches of Kalaloch. Ruby Beach is located about 10 minutes north of the Kalaloch Lodge, with signage directing you how to get to the parking lot, located on the west side of the road.

The path to Ruby Beach from the parking lot is very simple to follow, but can be steep for those with difficulty walking. Along the shore, piles of driftwood, shells and rocks greet you, making for fun beach combing. Family-friendly and easy to get to, no one should pass this beach without stopping. Ruby beach is one of the true gems of the Pacific Northwest, and well worth the trip to Washington’s Olympic Coast.