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Do people in Britain know about the Red Sox? How do you write jokes for a global audience? What ‘sport curses’ do we know from other cultures? Also: Tart is gone, and the curse is lifted, but not because of his departure. Drink up!

Weather talk is interrupted by geography talk, so you know it must be important. This week, Doug talks about his latest sprained ankle and how it happened. Mathis is healing up and looking ahead to soothing his feet and possibly his ego. We then take a deep dive into how our focus changes when we are doing task oriented activities on the trail versus our focus while only running. Fill out those post-race surveys, watch for ticks and be mindful of the snow still in the mountains.

Get your vaccines, people! Doug got his first Covid-19 shot already, Mathias has his scheduled, but that isn’t the point of this episode. Today, we hear about Mathias’ attempt to run 100 miles at Zion 100 down in Utah. Mesas were climbed, streams were crossed, deserts were cursed at. Memories were made and blisters did me in. If you haven’t listened to one of our post-race podcasts before, start here!

Mathias is, or should be, packing for his race this weekend. How will the 100 miler go? Will he bring the right gear, snacks and remember to grab masks for the road trip? Only time will tell. After working through this round of pre-race jitters, Doug chats about last weekend, where he finished the easily digestible portions part of a much larger project. This week’s episode is strangely almost all about running. I know. We are as shocked as you.

Richmond wins their first game. That is big for the team and for Coach Lasso. But, what’s bigger is the relationships and decisions that are happening off the pitch, as it is often in life.

Jamie Tart, doo doo doo doo…

Mathias has a call with the German consulate, Doug runs a random half and both guys are getting ready to battle allergies. After a masterful transition by Doug, we finally talk about the upcoming 100 miler that Mathias will run. Or will he walk it? Either way, a pair of shoes has been settled on and he so ready to rock. Don’t worry, we also have a weather report and some awesome some trail running gear to review.

This episode of Ted Lasso poses the serious question of what to wear to an elevated function, and what to wear on the soccer pitch or as fans in the stands, if we’re ever get to do this again. The show also gives us a great examples of how to be a better man.
Ted to Rebecca: “You may be thinking you’re the only one who can see who he really is, but you’re not.”

We are all like that boat stuck in Suez Canal. Doug loves his new road shoes while Mathias feels  let down by La Sportiva’s Jackal. With just a few weeks to go, will he find the right pair of shoes for his Utah 100 miler. 

This episode is all about tabloids, spicy food, school visits, and the marvelous Trent Crimm from the Independent. We also see Ted slowly taking control of the locker room, that damned male locker room.

I’m hungry for Indian food now.

Eurovision and Barkley talk kick off this week’s conversation. Is the Barkley hype waning or is Doug just a pessimist who doesn’t believe in fun?

Red Bull X-Alps is starting and both Mathias and Doug daydream about mountain running and learning to paraglide to participate in this unique Alps adventure. Nathan now has clothes, Mathias has shoes and Doug has bison and bighorn sheep on a run.