Michael Linscott

51: ‘There was Lemonade at Phantom Ranch after all’ with Special Guest Michael Linscott

Maggie Guterl

50: ‘Dragging my Wrecked Carcass through Barkley Hell’ with Special Guest Maggie Guterl

Angela Shartel and BJ Haeck

48: ‘There will be no Milk at San Diego 100’ with Special Guests Angela Shartel and BJ Haeck

Katja Hurt

45: ‘Beachballs on Mt. Adams’ with Special Guest Katja Hurt

Mike Ehredt

44: ‘Bacon-wrapped Shrimp’ with Special Guest Mike Ehredt

Joseph Bridges

23: ‘We build this cairn on rock and roll’ with Joseph Bridges

Sanni McCandless

22: ‘The German Scrooge McDuck’ with special guest Sanni McCandless

Jenny Vierling

20: ‘Hashtag ElkMatingTips’ with special guest Jenny Vierling

Johannes Ariens

18: ‘Complimentary Continental Breakfast’ with special guest Johannes Ariens

Derek Kilmer

17: ‘Don’t take those Pay Phones away from me’ with U.S. Congressman Derek Kilmer