107: ‘Sitting on a Mountain of Paperwork’ with Special Guest Tabatha Collins

Our first virtual race was an incredible success and we’re excited to sit down with women’s race winner Tabatha Collins who shares her challenges with teaching first graders during this time, overcoming injury and running up and down her backyard hill 188 times.
The show includes bacon, torrential downpours and lots of unfinished paperwork.

106: ‘What’s Your Number’

Some state parks and other public lands are slowly being opened up for outdoor activity. What does this mean for us trail runners and how should we behalf when heading for the trail heads? This and other hard hitting questions are being discussed in this week’s show.
Also: Virtual Vert Challenge is happening this weekend and the Virtual Trail Running Film Festival is coming to your living room.
Exciting times in quarantine-land.

105: ‘Cold Snacks and Yoga Breaks’ with Special Guests Abram Dickerson and James Varner

Year three of Singletrack kicks off with a bam. James Varner of Rainshadow Running and Abram Dickerson of Aspire Adventure Running stop by to talk about the upcoming Virtual Trail Running Film Festival. Of course, there’s other stuff too, like injury talk, exciting!

Celebrating the Trail Running Spirit, from Your Couch

There was a time… you might dimly remember it… when the best life was… lived outdoors, when people would gather to share experiences, to laugh, to celebrate.
Well, here we are today, and we’re making lemonade and all that good stuff.

104: ‘Mixtape Vol. II’

Aside from the weather your favorite podcast hosts don’t talk about running, again. Here are their favorite songs currently on their playlist, so you get something out of listing to this.

103: ‘Be Safe Out There’

Doug and Mathias discuss how to venture into the outdoors in a safe manner and come up with a few rules on how to enjoy the outdoors in these crazy times we live in. They celebrate the ingenious backyard projects and our endless yearning for adventure.
The mountain will wait for us, but will we be patient to wait for them?

102: ‘My Expectations Aren’t Very High’

Doug finds bags of flour to bake and shares a story of one of his favorite runs in Glacier National Park.
Mathias contemplates running every single street in Olympia again and shares some of his favorite Tailwind flavors… buzz buzz…

Weird Times in Wonderful Places: One Last Trip Into Yellowstone During COVID-19

On March 23rd, I decided to take a trip into Yellowstone National Park, a short drive from my current location. I had a feeling it may be my last trip into the park for awhile and I was right. The following is a story I wrote for a new podcast I am a part of, which is shared below. Whether you read it all or listen to the audio, I thank you for your time and for listening to my thoughts. You can subscribe to the A Life Outside Podcast here

101: ‘After Dark with Beer and Whiskey’

We’ve started the next 100 episodes with a special SingleTrack, after dark. What was different? We added drinks and recorded after the sun set. Mathias ran a 5k around his house, which led us to a conversation about how to interact with the trail running community during Covid-19. We chat about Unbreakable: the Western States 100 feature film, hear about Doug getting back to running after an injury and finally get to incredible recipes to make.

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks Are Now Closed Due to COVID-19

And just like that, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are closed. In a joint press releases by Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, it was announced that the roads would be closed due to COVID-19 concerns from the gateway communities surrounding the iconic parks. The following, in italics, is a press release directly from both National Parks: