Winter weather is impacting training plans, but that is ok. Mathias has a good blanket to recommend. Tights get destroyed at Kaiser, but the power of walking during runs persists. Save local gear shops, they are the soul of the outdoor community, sometimes.

It’s time for some new gear for 2021. We talk masks, tights, sun shades, hydration packs and of course, socks! Which gear do we love? What are the problems with it? Who makes the most inappropriate joke? Listen and maybe learn!

When races are less of a priority, how do we get ready for a new race? Mathias signs up for a 100 miler, and we discuss the mental and physical challenges of preparing. Doug then brings up a story about an adventure some he knows is undertaking, which nobody will ever hear about. Is an experience with documentation something you would do? Oh, and Ultrasignup was sold.

On February 2nd, 2021, nearly a full year after Covid-19 infected every aspect of life in the United States and around the world, a mask requirement has been issued for all National Park lands. It is straight forward and very simple to follow, helping to keep everyone safe. 

After lobbying for Toto to be on the podcast, we dive into whether or not rock climbers compete about elevation gain on climbs. Doug may sign up for a race and Mathias is hoping for a European adventure race. We then discuss the short trail running film, Snow Going on the PCT. We end on shoe talk, which makes sense since this is a trail running podcast.

Mathias talks about running half marathons and getting caught in hail on Kaiser. We then discuss snowy days, avalanches and the mental skills we gain from scaling up for races and long runs. This episode even has a serious discussion, so give it a listen. Bonus points for someone who comes up with a sea shanty about the podcast.

We have returned to road running, for a bit. Both Doug and Mathias ran a half marathon, Doug has a new project while Mathias is once again a Tailwind Ambassador. Strava is mentioned, as always, as is pasta makers. Would you really expect anything different?

It has been awhile, but baking is back on the show. Doug loses a cake bet and makes a Raspberry Zinger, while Mathias made sausage rolls. This is why we run so much. The talk returns to running with a serious and needed talk about wearing face masks on runs and races. 

Back on track, until the end, hazards with shoes and running holes in shorts are discussed in great length, unlike Mathias and Doug’s shorts. A phone to the universe was found in Olympia’s Priest Point Park, but is it art or vandalism? Maybe Toto has a song about that too? All of this and more, on everyone’s beloved trail running podcast.

This week, we try to dive into deeper things than the political chaos engulfing the nation. How’d we do? We discuss trail running Tiktok, the new logo for ATRA, as well as discuss what they could do to embrace the future of the sport. Doug may be overly critical, while Mathias keeps the talk positive, discussing logos and recommends an amazing trail running film and asks for podcast recommendations.