‘Take Me to Your Dealer’ with Special Guests Jenny and Jeff Vierling

Not new: Singletrack loves Tailwind.
New: In this episode of Singletrack Jenny and Jeff Vierling, cofounders of Tailwind Nutrition give your friendly podcast hosts a unique inside view of how the company was started and the product developed and produced. Come along for the ride and hear how this unique business deals not just with the everyday challenges in today’s world, but also how Jeff and Jenny take care of their employees, their immediate community in Durango, Colorado and our outdoor community at large. Must listen audio nutrition!

Four McRibs a Mile

Election talk seeps into Singletrack, but have no fear! We also talk about sparkling water, the McRib and even mention running! It is the on point, always focused show that you know and love! Count all the votes and eat all the McRibs. 

Running Chouxs

The election is upon us, but so are new episodes of baking shows, so you know this has all the ingredients for a good show. Boston and London Marathons are discussed, before we dive into the future of virtual races in the coming year. We also wonder why we can’t pay for an all access pass to stream every Olympic event?

Anchoring Emotions on the Trails

No tricks, treats or monsters mashing here. Just another solid, ground breaking episode. Mathias and Doug talk about about flu shots and then have a real, honest discussion on ways to stay positive and run through the darker days of fall and winter. There is warmth and light ahead. Keep seeking out those trails and gravel roads.

Our Legal Department is Right by the Dynamite

It is tech talk, but no tiktok talk. Mathias is debating the new iPhone mini, Doug has questions about the camera and both are thinking about the upgrade to the brave new world. We also take a quick dive into Strava’s now optional flyby feature.

Seven Dumb Miles

Change is afoot! Plus, Doug returns to Washington and explores Staircase, Mathias walks Olympia and both reminisce about the stunning trails in the South Puget Sound.

130: ‘I’m Not Going to Run in That Weather’

Podcasters are scared of a little bit of weather and Peloton get’s dumped on again, apologizes. Also, trail races are coming back in 2021, we hope. But we do wonder what this will look like. Are you going to race?

Check out Tailwind Nutrition’s Seasonal Flavor Drop at Tailwindnutrition.com.

129: ‘Peloton, Potato Pizza and Training Plans’

Training goals are adjusted, and pizza is baked. Fall is here. We’re dreaming slowing down for the colder month eating copious amount of delicious cake, and are debating the best pizza toppings.
Apologies to the dieters.

Trail Running and Hiking in Grizzly Country with Scatbelt: A Review

Those who frequent trails in bear country know that you should never be without your trusty bear spray. More successful at preventing a bear attack than guns, bear spray has quickly become another essential everyone needs. Yet, for many outdoor enthusiasts, finding a comfortable, accessible place to hold your bear spray can be a challenge. That is where Scatbelt comes in.

128: ‘It is Officially One Hundred and Something Miles’

Doug bakes zucchini bread, Mathias whines about dentist appointments. Fall is here and while Mathias still enjoys is downtime Doug sneaks in a couple more epic adventures. Buffalos, cornices, and boulder surfing, all this and more!