Summit Book 2016


The Outdoor Society proudly presents Summit Book 2016

By Douglas Scott and Mathias Eichler

cover2016This is our first Summit Book. It serves as a mile marker. Our annual celebration of the great Pacific Northwest, one of the greatest places on this planet. The Outdoor Society strives to help define and explain outdoor culture in the Pacific Northwest through our experiences in and around the wilderness areas we call home. We love this place and we know you do too. We know that for nearly everyone that lives here, there is no greater place on earth and nowhere else we would rather be. This is the land of mountains, glaciers, rivers and salmon. This is the location of rainforests and ice caves, volcanoes and canyons. The Pacific Northwest is where we work, live and most importantly, play. We want to help with that, and we want you to come along on this journey.

We are the Outdoor Society, and we invite you to join us this year, next year and always. We will be here, and can’t wait to have you with us.

2016 focus

  • The Mountain: Mount. St. Helens
  • The Region: Staircase, Olympic National Park
  • The Activity: Trail Running – a primer
  • The Climate: An in-depth look at how climate change is affecting our rainforest.
  • And much much more.

  • Full color, with lots of stunning photos
  • 170+ pages
  • Collector’s Edition soft cover
  • PDF ebook (185MB download)
  • ePub for iPad (165MB download)

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