Who I am

Howdy! Douglas here. Thanks for stopping by!

So who exactly am I and why should you come hike with me? 

I grew up coming to Yellowstone National Park every summer, starting in 1987. The 1988 fires helped me understand a lot about Yellowstone, especially how important it was to me at a very young age. After that first trip and the fire, my family returned year after year, watching the park change. As I grew taller, so did the new forests. Soon, wolves were reintroduced to the region and I couldn't keep myself away. After working at ranches and campgrounds nearby in college, I finally was able to relocate to the region. 

Once I moved here, I still couldn't stay away from the park. I head into the park to hike, wildlife watch, adventure and relax every single week. My hope is that my love and respect for the region will be able to be transferred on to you and your family, hopefully through my guided hikes. I love this place and while many will say it is too crowded, I challenge that. Come take a walk with me to a remote mountain top. Wander along a section of river few have ever seen. Let your spirit and soul connect to Yellowstone and fall in love with it like I have. 

Responsible Tourism

First and foremost, we acknowledge the first people's who called this region home for countless millennia. We pledge to always ensure that any important place to the First Nations will be treated with honor and respect. We also pledge to follow all park rules and regulations at all times. Anything less than this is unacceptable.