I grew up coming to Yellowstone National Park every summer, starting in 1987. The 1988 fires helped me understand a lot about Yellowstone, especially how important it was to me at a very young age. After that first trip and the fire, my family returned year after year, watching the park change. As I grew taller, so did the new forests. Soon, wolves were reintroduced to the region and I couldn't keep myself away. I worked at ranches and campgrounds near the park in college, and was finally able to relocate to the region for good. 

Why hike with me? I head into the park in my free time every single week. During these trips, I hike, wildlife watch, adventure and relax. Very few know the park as well as I do and I want to share that knowledge with you all. My hope is that my love and respect for the region will be able to be transferred on to you and your group, hopefully through my guided hikes.

Come take a walk with me to a remote mountain top.

Wander along a section of river few have ever seen.

Let your spirit and soul connect to Yellowstone and fall in love with it like I have. 

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From the valleys and the mountains, the geothermal features and the waterways, we have a tour perfect for your hiking adventure in Yellowstone National Park

Why Hike With Me?

I humbly admit that I know the park better than most locals and rangers. This is not a grandiose statement, just a fact. Every week, I take at least one trip to the park, hiking trails, wildlife watching, and getting to know the park even better. Since 1987, I have been frequenting the park, working and living nearby as an adult. If you want to know anything about the park, ask me. I will happily provide an answer. The park is what brings happiness to my should and I hope to instill the same love of Yellowstone that I have when we take a hiking trip together.

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