Ask Not What Your 50 Miler Can do for You

Bread is braided and baked. Ultra races are held and twisted. On this special Thanksgiving episode presidents are being quoted.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all. Thanks for listening, we truly appreciate it!

Why are Shoe Colors Gendered?

History is made on this episode, as the guys somehow start the show on topic and stay there nearly the entire time. Mathias and Doug chat about Ricky Gates’ Transamericana book and movie, look at the new Brooks shoe colors and explore Mathias’ Nike aversion. We know. We can’t believe that this was a serious show either.

Good Talk

We’ve all heard of the Smashing Pumpkins, but have you heard of Smashed potatoes? After a much needed cooking and baking conversation, Mathias and Doug dive deep into the pressing topics of the day. Will Mathias be able to overcome his lack of motivation for fun, will the two survive the political anger on Strava posts and what exactly is the Streisand effect. Keep your eyes and ears open for the Q for race directors forum and let us know if you need any turkey medals.

Exploring Trails and Business, with Abram Dickerson

This week on Singletrack, Abram Dickerson sits down with Mathias and Doug to share the origins of Aspire Adventure Running. The company gives runners who want the challenge of distance running without the congestion and structure of a races, in some of the prettiest spots around. How’d it start? What do they have planned for 2021? All that and more will be answered.

BBQ Shuttle Service

Is it too early to say “gobble gobble?” Doug talks shuttles coming to Yellowstone, while Mathias wants to ask Rick Steves a question. Thanksgiving is discussed, as is the idea of running in the shape of a turkey. Cancel your holiday plans, plan an appetizer, wear a mask and get ready to use those Yaktrax. 

‘Take Me to Your Dealer’ with Special Guests Jenny and Jeff Vierling

Not new: Singletrack loves Tailwind.
New: In this episode of Singletrack Jenny and Jeff Vierling, cofounders of Tailwind Nutrition give your friendly podcast hosts a unique inside view of how the company was started and the product developed and produced. Come along for the ride and hear how this unique business deals not just with the everyday challenges in today’s world, but also how Jeff and Jenny take care of their employees, their immediate community in Durango, Colorado and our outdoor community at large. Must listen audio nutrition!

Four McRibs a Mile

Election talk seeps into Singletrack, but have no fear! We also talk about sparkling water, the McRib and even mention running! It is the on point, always focused show that you know and love! Count all the votes and eat all the McRibs. 

Running Chouxs

The election is upon us, but so are new episodes of baking shows, so you know this has all the ingredients for a good show. Boston and London Marathons are discussed, before we dive into the future of virtual races in the coming year. We also wonder why we can’t pay for an all access pass to stream every Olympic event?

Anchoring Emotions on the Trails

No tricks, treats or monsters mashing here. Just another solid, ground breaking episode. Mathias and Doug talk about about flu shots and then have a real, honest discussion on ways to stay positive and run through the darker days of fall and winter. There is warmth and light ahead. Keep seeking out those trails and gravel roads.

Our Legal Department is Right by the Dynamite

It is tech talk, but no tiktok talk. Mathias is debating the new iPhone mini, Doug has questions about the camera and both are thinking about the upgrade to the brave new world. We also take a quick dive into Strava’s now optional flyby feature.