Since before the fires of 1988, I have been enamored with Yellowstone. My first trip to the park was in 1987 when I was just a small child. I became hooked on the park immediately on that first trip, initially by the smell of the mud pots and the enormousness of bison. Year after year, we would return to the region and my love for Yellowstone grew more and more. At first, our visits were limited to a short camping trip once a year, then the visits increased to multiple times a year. In college, I worked in and around the park, spending all of my free time hiking and adventuring around the region. After college, I decided to make the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem home for good, publishing numerous guidebooks to the region and eventually launching this guide service, leading hiking and snowshoe tours throughout Yellowstone National Park.

My goal is simple.

I want to take you and your friends or family on an amazing trail day in Yellowstone, helping to unlock yet another layer of this incredible landscape.

I want to show you the waterfalls, mountains, thermal areas, and wildlife beyond the boardwalks of Yellowstone.

I want you to fall in love with the park the same way that I did.

Come adventure with me.

Me, on a day off in the early winter day on the Lava Creek trail in Yellowstone National Park