Hike to Hot Springs, History, A Waterfall, and More!

7 Hours


If you love unique Yellowstone National Park history, walking next to stunning thermal areas, and hoping to see a few of the park’s best hiking destinations in one tour, this trail adventure is for you!

Starting at the end of Fountain Flats Drive, this 12-mile hiking trek will retrace an old road, take you to the stunning overlook of Grand Prismatic, and then out to Fairy Falls and remote thermal areas. While the main destinations of Fairy Falls and the Grand Prismatic Overlook will be heartily trafficked, after taking in the splendor of these areas, the hiking tour leads away from the crowds, taking you to remote thermal spots full of stunning sights. You’ll even have a chance to see the oldest man-made structure in Yellowstone and learn about the history of the building.

Wildlife-wise, we will have the potential to see bison, numerous bird species, coyotes, foxes, and even a bear sighting (which is rare here).

For those hoping for a shorter trek in the same region, I can happily make this one a little shorter.


Distance: ~12 Miles

Elevation Gain: ~650ft


Booking this thermal area tour gives you cool history and highlights of the park, including the oldest building in any national park, a myriad of thermal features, a scenic (albeit popular) waterfall, and the ever impressive Grand Prismatic Overlook. This 11.6 mile adventure is mostly flat, gaining roughly 600 feet in total. Wildlife will be minimal on this trail, but you’ll definitely get both the standard tour experience on the popular trails, while also seeing some spots that few ever experience.


  • Thermal Areas, Grand Prismatic Overlook, Fairy Falls, Park History, Wildlife

About the Hiking Tour

Day 1:
What the day will look like

We will meet at the end of Fountain Flats Drive at our agreed upon meeting time, have a quick overview and safety talk, and then start the day. The first part of the hike will be along the old freight road, where you’ll learn about the park’s history and have any questions answered. You’ll also have an opportunity to look for wildlife and see the start of the Geyer basin ahead.

After walking the road, we will head up to the Grand Prismatic Overlook, then head down to Fairy Falls and Imperial Geyser Basin.
After taking in the views and smells, we leave the crowds behind and weave along the Fairy Falls Trail to meet up with the Imperial and Sentinel Meadows trails. During this stretch of trail, we will also have a chance to see Queen’s Laundry, the oldest remaining man-made structure in Yellowstone.

There are many other hidden highlights and stunning spots on this trek that we will pass, giving a fantastic opportunity to see the geyser basins as few who visit the park ever do.

What You Get/Don't Get


  • A knowledgeable guide who knows the region well, bear spray, access to gallons of water before the hike, use of binoculars, an expert guide, wildlife tips, trekking poles (if requested in advance), a few prepackaged snacks (jerky, nuts, etc...)


  • Hiking shoes, backpacks, water bladders/water bottles, meals

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Hike to Hot Springs, History, A Waterfall, and More!
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