Wildlife Watching and Remoteness Along the Lamar River Trail

5 Hours


While many will drive through Lamar Valley and stop to see animals, this tour will get you out of your car and into the wild landscape of Lamar Valley. Along this five-hour adventure, we will follow the Lamar River Trail to the river, then head up Cache Creek until our turnaround time. This trail is well-known for wildlife encounters of all shapes and sizes. We will see animal tracks and signs of them all around us. We will more than likely see bison and pronghorn nearby. We may possibly see elk or bighorn sheep in the distance. We even have a chance to see bears and wolves. All with a knowledgeable guide who can tell you all about the wildlife we are watching.

This tour is designed to get you out into the wilds of Yellowstone’s famous Lamar Valley, letting you get a better feel for the terrain which has quickly become one of the most respected wildlife-watching destinations in the world. Not only will you get to experience the backcountry of the park, but you’ll also gain knowledge about the history of the region, both for humans and animals. You’ll see how the river shifted course during the 2022 floods, and witness the impact of wildlife on the prairie.

If you have ever wanted to get to know Lamar Valley better than just driving through it, this is the tour for you.

This is a summer and winter tour. Snowshoes are provided in the winter.



This hike is the perfect introduction for adventuring in Lamar Valley. Along the trail, you’ll have an opportunity to see animal tracks in the mud, take in mountain views in the distance, and even spot wildlife, both from afar and up close (while adhering to approved wildlife watching distances, of course).

For five hours, we will wander the prairie and walk along the river, giving you an insight into just how wild and rugged this terrain can be. You’ll learn about animal tracks and signs, about the geology of the area, and maybe even get to find elk antlers and bones.


If you have always wanted to see what is found beyond the pavement of Lamar, this is the perfect adventure for you and your group.


  • Wildlife watching
  • Bones and Antlers
  • remoteness
  • rarely seen views
  • potential off-trail panoramic views


Day 1:

We will meet at the trailhead, located between Soda Butte Cone and the bathrooms near the Confluence of the Lamar River and Soda Butte Creek at the designated time. After a quick gear check and safety review, we will head out on the trail, quickly crossing Soda Butte Creek on a wooden bridge before working our way up a slight hill toward the Lamar River. Along the way, we will scan for wildlife as I share the animal and human history of the region.
After reaching the river, we will follow Cache Creek for awhile until it is our designated turn around time. Those up for an off-trail adventure will head up the hill to an overlook of Lamar Valley, where you’ll also have an opportunity to hold and take pictures with numerous discarded elk antlers. If your group isn’t keen on an incline that gains roughly 1,000 feet in elevation, we will head back along the trail, once again looking for wildlife and enjoy the relative solitude found along the waterways.
The entire trip will take five hours, and the distance and experience will vary with your level of comfort and hiking abilities. The trail is mostly flat, with a few rises and drops as we meander along.

What You get/Don't Get


  • Access to prepackaged snacks (nuts, jerky, etc...), an opportunity to fill up your water bottles with gallons of water, use of binoculars. Snowshoes in the winter.


  • Transportation to and from the trailhead, backpacks, water bottles, and any other gear you feel you will need.

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Wildlife Watching and Remoteness Along the Lamar River Trail
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