The Outdoor Society is for those who love nature and public lands

The Outdoor Society is a publishing house dedicated to help outdoor enthusiasts find new locations and experience wilderness bliss for the first time. We aim to not just motivate, but excite and encourage everyone to get outside and to be a welcoming steward of the outdoors.

Focusing on everything that’s great about the outdoors, The Outdoor Society is your source for the best content in the Pacific Northwest. Our work speaks for itself, having been read by millions and inspiring countless trips to the very best outdoor destinations. Through our writing and publishing, we give you the very best hiking guidebooks for the region. Our inspiring pieces showing off the beauty of the land through gorgeous and inspiring photography. Coupled with in-depth descriptions written by National Park and travel experts, The Outdoor Society gets you accurate information, ensuring you and your family are ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

The Outdoor Society is Douglas Scott. Douglas Scott is nationally recognized as an expert on the Pacific Northwest’s Olympic National Park and the crown jewel of the National Park’s Yellowstone. With works featured in magazines, website and publications across the nation, you can be sure his information is accurate and inspiring.  The Outdoor Society has established itself as a leader, flourishing in the rich soil of the Pacific Northwest. In just a short time, we have weathered storms and rough winters, becoming a trusted and respected, long-lasting cornerstone of the Pacific Northwest outdoor recreation community.


The works published by the Outdoor Society are positive, inspiring, colorful and sexy, everything you deserve from a guidebook, calendar and coloring book. We want to share our love of the great outdoors with you, not hold onto it for ourselves. Our books will motivate you to start hiking for the first time, encourage you to explore a bit longer and even possibly transform you into a long-distance hiker or trail runner. We want you to head out in every weather and to love nature adventures in the Pacific Northwest as much a we do. We do this through incredible writing and impossibly gorgeous designed books, intertwined with jaw-dropping photography. We are not your parent’s guidebook company. We focus on nature, not ourselves and are dedicated to making sure you can always find the perfect adventure out in the wild lands of the Upper Left Corner of America.

The Outdoor Society published works invite you to take adventures to waterfalls, lakes, mountains and rivers. We want you to join us on trips to the ocean, to volcanoes and into underground caves. With the collective works of The Outdoor Society, you can feel confident you will stay updated on road and trail conditions; learn which gear is best for you and which areas are best for any weather. If you are looking to be inspired to explore your “backyard” National Park or looking for tips about one you are vacationing in, the guidebooks published by Outdoor Society will help you get there with our accurate and immaculate pictures and words.

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