Dive in, we’re back! Transcipt and audio after the jump.
(Just a hint, there’s snow, rain, and more snow!)

Brought to you by: IMPRESSIONS 2017

It has been ridiculously wet on the Olympic Peninsula. So wet last week’s Dispatch drowned in a giant puddle – sorry.

Pay attention to the road closures this week. So. Many. Closures!

Graves Creek road will open again – awesome!
There’s a ton of rain in the forecast – awesome!

And so much more in this week’s Adventure Dispatch.

Pumpkin spice salmon playing football in the rain.

Trusty Dispatch, incoming… “Where is the sun edition”. Listen in after the jump:

This is #20! of our Adventure Dispatch.

Happy Labor Day Weekend from Olympic National park.

In between trail races, here is our latest Adventure Dispatch.

Transcript, as always, after the jump:

Happy 100th Birthday National Parks!

Transcript below:

Hot, hot, hot.

Hotness in words: