120: ‘Eating Popcorn at the Tire Store’

Enjoy this random picture of a bonfire on the beach to match the randomness of this episode. Douglas tries on a new running belt, Mathias wins a shirt, both are in a running low as summer is slowly turning.

Peak Week starts Monday – come and join us!

119: ‘Sunrise Over Paradise’

Are we seriously talking about the Enchantments again? Yes, yes, we are. We also share stories about running away from thunderstorms and into sunrises. Rock Candy hats are finally in stock and books are ready to ship. Get some!

118: ‘John Muir, the Kraken and a Beast with an Elephanthead’

Skating where the puck is going to be, your hosts discuss local sports news ad nauseam, say ‘farewell and good riddance’ to John Muir, and take a deep dive into their respective weekend adventures. Doug climbs the stunning Elephanthead Mountain in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area and Mathias explores a sneaky little trail linking up the Ellinor trail system with the Mt. Rose summit loop in the Olympics.

117: ‘Local Legend’

Mathias climbs Mt. Skokomish above Lake of Angels, well, almost, with Brent Miller for the Summer of Vert Vertical K+ Challenge.
Doug shares stories of bear encounters and becomes a Local Legend, thanks to a new Strava feature. This, and so much more in today’s episode of your favorite trail, mountain and adventure running podcast.

116: ‘Let me Walk a Mile in your Socks and Shoes’

Doug scrambles on ridge lines, Mathias hosts another virtual race and tries to find a route to run himself. Socks are tested and shoes are evaluated. Good times.

115: ‘The Enchantments, No One’s Doing That’

More big races are cancelled for the year. The Enchanted Valley Chalet’s final fate is being decided. The Enchantments are overrun, again. Oh, and Hamilton is on Disney+.

114: ‘Sunburns and Other Important Life Lessons’

What flavor do you want your hydration fuel to be? Why are watch straps so expensive? What happens when you wear sandals in the sun? How fun is it to run through an entire night?

This and many other important life lessons are being discussed in this week’s episode of your favorite trail running podcast.

113: ‘Arm Warmer Sleeve Arms’

Doug and Mathias discuss their respective runs for last weeks Summer of Vert 4HR Vertical event. Doug finds bliss in the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness and Mathias stands twice on the summit of Mt. Rose. Also discussed are route building skills, beer encounters and how to overcome the fear of the unknown outdoors. Feels like a real running podcast around here.

112: ‘Is it Too Soon to Be Hopeful?’

The time is right for Doug and Mathias to go ‘there’. In this deep and serious episode we address the issues of the day. We’re also buying running socks in outdoor stores and listening to cassette tapes of our past.

111: ‘Not Quite as Mountain-Minded as I Thought’

Doug sees a bear and Mathias walks on snow. Both events are eye-opening and a bit more unsettling than they should be. But lessons are learned and pictures takes.