Crushing on the Wonderland

What is the future of trail running? How long will we mourn for Daft Punk? After a few introductory comments, including yet another check in on Mathias’ chafed thighs, we dive into the newest Wonderland Trail video, highlighting Kaytlyn Gerbin’s FKT, presented by The North Face. Check it out and be inspired to explore America’s most-visible National Park. When in doubt, Donald Duck it.

On the Benefits Of David Hasselhoff

When did you last hear a David Hasselhoff song on the radio?  After reminiscing on the golden age of radio, the guys dive in deep into a real conversation. So many gear companies and nutrition companies claim superiority over everyone else, but how does one wade through the boasting? We try to come up with an answer.

Even the King Has to Walk to the Bathroom

We are debating taking a trip to Mexico with Ted Cruz, but Doug’s eyes may still be frozen shut. Mathias is recovering slowly. Broken Arrow is moved from June to October and we wonder what races will look like this year. To end, we talk about cross training on a stationary bike and wonder if Doug will feel the benefits after a winter’s worth of riding. Hey, Scott, stay for the long outro music!

Sports-Ball is Right in Our Wheelhouse

Mathias takes an avalanche course for trail runners while Doug longs to run with migrating animals. K2 is talked about, and the guys dive into a discussion about watching disasters in real time.

Power Hiking in Rumpl Blankets

Winter weather is impacting training plans, but that is ok. Mathias has a good blanket to recommend. Tights get destroyed at Kaiser, but the power of walking during runs persists. Save local gear shops, they are the soul of the outdoor community, sometimes.

I’m Excited With What I Have in Front of Me

It’s time for some new gear for 2021. We talk masks, tights, sun shades, hydration packs and of course, socks! Which gear do we love? What are the problems with it? Who makes the most inappropriate joke? Listen and maybe learn!

A 100 Mile Cat Out of a Bag

When races are less of a priority, how do we get ready for a new race? Mathias signs up for a 100 miler, and we discuss the mental and physical challenges of preparing. Doug then brings up a story about an adventure some he knows is undertaking, which nobody will ever hear about. Is an experience with documentation something you would do? Oh, and Ultrasignup was sold.

There are No Huts with Fresh Croissants on the PCT

After lobbying for Toto to be on the podcast, we dive into whether or not rock climbers compete about elevation gain on climbs. Doug may sign up for a race and Mathias is hoping for a European adventure race. We then discuss the short trail running film, Snow Going on the PCT. We end on shoe talk, which makes sense since this is a trail running podcast.

How Well do You Know the Backcountry in the Winter?

Mathias talks about running half marathons and getting caught in hail on Kaiser. We then discuss snowy days, avalanches and the mental skills we gain from scaling up for races and long runs. This episode even has a serious discussion, so give it a listen. Bonus points for someone who comes up with a sea shanty about the podcast.

That was supposed to be a 46?

We have returned to road running, for a bit. Both Doug and Mathias ran a half marathon, Doug has a new project while Mathias is once again a Tailwind Ambassador. Strava is mentioned, as always, as is pasta makers. Would you really expect anything different?