I consider myself a bit of a recluse, or self-described modern hermit. For as much as I love writing, communications via social media and sharing the gorgeousness of the Pacific Northwest, I also like to remain incognito. I like to focus on the beauty of the area and not on myself. That is why, when asked to take part in the Cascade Hiker Podcast, I was a little hesitant. Sure, I love talking about nature, but does anyone really care what I say? Apparently, they do and Rudy at the Cascade Hiker Podcast was eager to have me on to talk about my love, Olympic National Park. 

Podcasting is not new for me. I have been on a few friend’s podcasts and have talked for hours about sports and hiking. The Outdoor Society even has a weekly recording called the Adventure Dispatch, where we talk about the weather, news and highlights for the coming week in Olympic National Park. However, talking to someone new about myself and hiking is always a little daunting.

On July 25th, The Cascade Hiker and I recorded a podcast via Skype. We chatted about life, our favorite authors, my numerous guidebooks, our favorite hikes and even talked about some of the tours I used to run in Olympic. Despite my early worries about me taking too much and not sticking to topic, the podcast recording went excellent and I was super excited to get to to Rudy. We had been conversing for awhile on social media, but had never talked. That all changed with the Podcast recording.

Please give it a listen and get to know me and the region even better. Plus, you get to hear my super awesome voice. I have a great little rant about how wilderness is healing our souls and why we need to be willing to share our solitude to protect the greater good.

The link to listen is here.

One of the highlights for me is always being able to share my love and passion for the Olympics and the greater Pacific Northwest, and this podcast does just that.

Thanks Rudy, for the amazing conversation and willingness to reschedule a thousand times. You rock and I hope this takes off for you.

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