Douglas Scott | Mar 20th, 2017

Watch 20,000 Gray Whales Migrate Along the Washington Coast

In March, April and the early parts of the month of May, the Washington Coast becomes a highway for 20,000+ Gray Whales migrating back to the cool waters of Alaska, with babies in tow. Swimming just 1/2 mile or less from the crashing waves on the rugged beaches of the Pacific Coast, the gray whales partake in not just an amazing migration, but also a chance for the millions who live with a few hours drive of the ocean to see these massive sea dwelling mammals.

For families, the migration of the gray whales makes for an amazing experience. There is nothing like seeing, hearing and smelling these massive animals, and the Washington Coast offers a myriad of activities to get you and your loved ones close to this fascinating phenomenon. Stretching the entire length of the Washington Coast, the Whale Trail offers viewpoints, information and even activities during the peak whale watching season.

For those looking to see whales up close and personal, the city of Westport, Wa, offers awesome and affordable whale watching trips with near guaranteed whale sightings! If boating isn’t something that interests you, there are numerous activities and events along the coast to watch the whales, while welcoming with the native tribes who honor their return each year. More information on both of these can be found in an article I wrote for Grays Harbor Talk: Read it here.

Curious what Gray Whales look like while migrating? Check out this fantastic video from California of the gray whales migration from a earlier in 2015.