“I want to ride, down the mountain-side and I want to ski dance, ski dance with you.” 

There are many things that get the staff and crew at The Outdoor Society excited about, but nothing quite matches the surge of energy we all feel the minute we see snow in the forecast. As if under a spell, the first dusting of snow makes us giddy, reverting us back to our childhood excitement. Fondly recalling snow days and trips to the mountains, we anxiously and neurotically check forecasts and mountain webcams in hopes for a chance to play in a wintery wonderland. While we wait to get stoked on winter, lusting for a trip to Hurricane Ridge or Mount Rainier, there is one tradition that has lived on for years.

Without fail, the moment it snows, The Outdoor Society co-founder Mathias immediately starts signing the following song. Bringing together the culture of the 80s, bizarre breakdancing, ski resort choreography and the visuals of a fever dream, I give you “Ski Dance” from the 1986 ski movie, Fire and Ice.

The clip above is from the 1986 movie Fire and Ice, a German ski film by the amazing Willy Bogner, Jr. The movie, which is as hard to find as raindrops during summer in Southern California, was the second highest grossing movie in Germany in 1986, and is considered one of the all-time classic skiing movies. While I haven’t seen the whole movie for myself, Mathias assures me it is the greatest skiing movie in the history of the world. Or something like that.

I honestly don’t know which part of the video is my favorite park. The entire thing screams of the 1980s and each time I see it, I want to be there for the day of shooting. Some day, I will see this full movie. Until then, I will look toward the mountains, hope for snow, and day dream of having a ski dance, ski dance, ski dance, ski dance with you…


Fire and Ice Revisted from John Eaves on Vimeo.

Screen Shot from Fire and Ice, the movie
Screen Shot from Fire and Ice, the movie