Glacier Peak Studio updated Topo Maps+ this week to version 4. We reviewed the app a few months ago and deemed it an absolute must-have essential for your outing into the wilderness. Now, founder Stephen Johnson is shipping a brand new version out to the world and we sat down with him to learn about the new features.

The National Park Service has an interesting relationship with technology. For years, the parks have been struggling to adapt and keep up to the fast moving tech boom. For most National Parks, things like Instagram accounts and Twitter pages are either rarely used or non-existent, with the majority of web content coming from the NPS websites, or their Facebook Pages. While most parks have to sit and await federal guidelines for posting on new formats, one National Park is not just ahead of the curve, but they are the trendsetters for all things technology. The park isn’t super popular, like Glacier, the “Great” Smokey Mountains, Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon; instead, it is tucked away in the northern Rockies, quickly losing the natural wonders for which it was named. 

“To this day, exploring the wild places of the world is where I feel most at home and allows me to process the stresses of everyday life and find my place.”  Trail Runner Jason Henrie

Trail runners are a strange breed of individuals. They are the ones who wake up early and return home late, perfecting the art of running through lush forests, slot canyons and wilderness of every shape and size. They wear headlamps, carry around packets of goo for energy, and tend to always be looking outside, longing for their next adventure. Trail runners are energetic people, and some of my best friends, and even family members. Recently, I was able to chat with Jason Henrie,  a well-respected author, trail runner and rock climber in both the Pacific Northwest and the Flagstaff region of Arizona.