Douglas Scott | Oct 7th, 2018

Celebrate the Beauty of the Pacific Northwest Coast All Year

To love the Pacific Northwest Coast is to be human. You can love mountains, and forests, revel in the beauty of waterfalls and glaciers, even rejoice in the arches and canyons, but to try to deny the addicting and soul soothing beauty of the wild beaches of Washington and Oregon is as pointless as trying to avoid oxygen. The feelings we get on the coast are hard-lined right into our bloodstream, giving us a dose of awe whether it is the first or hundredth time you have seen it. Breaker after breaker slam down and retreat against the rugged shoreline like a steady drumbeat, providing an unrivaled soundtrack to the sheer power and beauty of the waterfront. The Pacific Northwest Coast is as stunning as you can imagine, and is worthy of a celebration year round.

To say we are spoiled with coastal beauty in the Pacific Northwest is an understatement. From the rocky outcroppings found at Cape Flattery, the northwestern-most point in the contiguous United States, down the 73 mile sea stack-filled wonderland of the wild Olympic Coast, past the sandy shores of the Long Beach Peninsula and then back into the staggering beauty of the Oregon Coast, there is hardly a stretch of shoreline that isn’t gorgeous every month of the year. Home to some of the world’s best experiences, from breathtaking sunsets, hikes, campgrounds and backpacking trips, to shipwrecks, sea stacks and wildlife watching, we often find ourselves flabbergasted by opportunities to find the ultimate coastal bliss.

The Pacific Northwest Coast is for everyone. Race, gender, age; nothing else matters when breathing in the salty air. The ocean is the great equalizer, letting you see and experience what you want while walking on the sand and rocks. The PNW coast is a landscape that brings both comfort and adventure, a place where a simple viewpoint can enchant your daydreams for the rest of your life. It is a destination that when you are away for too long, you year to see and long for the days when you can once again hear the waves, smell the smells and gaze north, south or west and see coastal beauty. The coast is where memories are forged and where wanderlust reaches an apex.

“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.” ~ John F. Kennedy

Thor’s Well on the Oregon Coast

We find ourselves drawn to the coast, time and time again, but often life gets in the way of adventures. For many, a trip to the coast would be a weekly trip, spending the day wandering and watching the endless onslaught of waves and tides. Sadly, we have work, family obligations and hiccups in the road that keep us away for far too long. That is why we pick up rocks and shells, collect driftwood and snap pictures, hoping that these keepsakes will give us the strength to make it through until our next trip west. It is also why we cherish each trip out and fall in love with the coast each time our tired eyes gaze upon it.

Those who love the Washington and Oregon Coast rejoice its existence often, sharing it with all who will listen. We regale friends, coworkers and family members with tales of sunsets and storm watching, whales sightings and moments of silence and solitude. We send them pictures of pristine locations all along the rugged shoreline, hoping to entice them to discover what we know will be a favorite place. We believe in the power of the Pacific Northwest natural beauty and the coast is where everyone can experience it. We enjoy the towns with their trinkets and love the miles of undisturbed stretches of coastal wilderness wonderland, and wish the same beauty onto the eyes of all we know. The coast is transformative and healing, beautiful and rugged, and perfect all year long.

This year, head out to the coast as often as you can. Rediscover an old favorite place or fall in love with a brand new beach. See the sunset from a new series of sea stacks, walk new trails and enjoy the views from scenic pull offs.

Kalaloch Beach Root Tree, Olympic National Park

While you may not be able to go as often as you want, know that we can help. Not only will we be highlighting amazing Pacific Northwest Coast destinations often on The Outdoor Society, we also are selling a gorgeously designed 2019 calendar, specifically with you in mind.

Giving 12 incredible views up and down the coast, our calendar will help inspire you to get out and head west each free day you have. The calendar will not only make your ways a place to daydream, they will be that final push for friends, coworkers, neighbors and family to help them see how beautiful the Pacific Northwest coast is and why they should explore.

Pick up one for each wall you have, give them as gifts to those who don’t get to be outdoors as much as they like, do whatever you wish with them, just order one today and ensure that 2019 will be a year of coastal celebrations.

We love the coast. You do too. Help us spread that love to everyone we know.