On March 30th, 2022, Olympic National Park officials announced that the Ruby Beach area of Olympic National Park would be closed for at least part of the summer. In a somewhat vague press release, a construction project was announced for the road and parking area at this popular and scenic spot along the wild Olympic Coast, but dates have not been officially scheduled. The press release reads as follows:

A project to improve the Ruby Beach parking area and access road will begin in May or June of this year. The project will require the closure of Ruby Beach for about three months, until the work has been completed. Currently, the parking area and access road are gravel. Improvements include regrading and paving to improve drainage, achieve accessibility compliance, and improve vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow. The trail from the overlook to the beach is not included in this project. Exact dates of the work window are unknown and will be announced once dates have been confirmed. Beach access to the south of Ruby Beach, including Beach 1, 2, 3, and 4, and the Kalaloch Campground, will continue to be available. To the north, coastal access is available through LaPush at Rialto Beach and First, Second and Third Beaches.

This will be a huge shock to the millions who visit the Olympic Coast each year, and will more than likely lead to congestion at other beach areas in the Kalaloch region of the park. While the news will also lead many to ask where they should go, I already have the answer for you all. I have written a post a few years ago about seven incredible beach destinations on the Olympic Coast, six of which are not Ruby Beach. If you can’t find coastal bliss at the other six spots, please head to a doctor and make sure you are doing alright.

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