Frozen Waterfalls, Wildlife Footprints and Stunning Views on the Lava Creek Trail

6 Hours


Have you ever spotted a waterfall from a roadside turnout and wished you could get to the other side of the creek to stand on top of it? That is exactly what you get when you take a Lava Creek Trail Snowshoe Tour. Following the paths of bison, elk, coyotes, and even wolves, the path skirts along Lava Creek before arriving at the top of Undine Falls. From here, we will take a break and learn about the region, take a glimpse of the frozen falls, search for wildlife tracks, and gander down toward Mammoth Hot Springs. The goal from there will be to make our way down the Lava Creek trail to the confluence of Lava Creek with the Gardner River. At 5.5-miles round trip. The view from this spot is also stunning, showing off the bridge spanning the river, as well as Bunsen Peak and the steam from Mammoth Hot Springs. 

This snowshoe adventure is not for beginners and should not be attempted by anyone with no snowshoe experience. If you would still like to experience the frozen waterfall and views of Mammoth Hot Springs from the plateau, please contact me and I can make a package for you!

This tour is a private tour for your group and your group alone.


This trek takes you on a well-trodden animal route, traveling along a scenic creek, above a stunning waterfall that should be frozen, and to a plateau that offers unrivaled views of the Mammoth Hot Springs region. From there, the path drops down toward the confluence of Lava Creek with the Gardner River, showcasing the stunning scenery of the region, as well as offering a chance to spot wildlife in the valley.

This adventure is not for everyone. Those will minimal snowshoeing experience will not enjoy the part beyond the plateau, which is only a half-mile from the trailhead. But if you are looking for a unique experience and one that few who visit the park in the winter will ever have, this is for you.

Highlights of the tour

  • Wildlife sightings
  • geology
  • A frozen waterfall
  • Wildlife prints in snow
  • Mountain views
  • Geothermal views


Day 1:
The Tour Itinerary

We will start the tour at the Lava Creek Picnic area at our prearranged meeting time. After a safety meeting and gear check, we will start the journey by walking along the Lava Creek trail. In a half-mile, we will reach the first viewpoint, showing off the frozen beauty of Undine Falls, as well as the panoramic views from atop the plateau. We will also search for wildlife tracks, as this is a popular spot for bison, elk, coyotes, and even wolves.
Once we have cooled back off, we will travel down the path with the intention of reaching the confluence of Lava Creek and the Gardner River, 2.5 miles down the trail. While one may be tempted to go further down the trail, this is as far as we will go, since we have to hike back uphill with an elevation gain of 800 feet. The good news is that we will have already punched down the snow quite a bit on the way down so the way up should be pretty manageable.

What You Get

  • Snowshoes, access to prepackaged snacks (nuts, jerky, etc...), an opportunity to fill up your water bottles with gallons of water, use of binoculars.

What You Don't Get

  • Transportation to and from the trailhead, backpacks, water bottles, and any other gear you feel you will need.

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Frozen Waterfalls, Wildlife Footprints and Stunning Views on the Lava Creek Trail
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/ Adult
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