Wildlife Watching and Slough Creek Snowshoe

5 Hours

If you haven’t adventured on Slough Creek Road in the winter, you are missing out on a classic trek. On this route adventure, we have a few options, depending on the snowpack and the conditions. The classic trek is to head out from the parking area and walk the road to the campground and back. At a five-mile round trip in distance, you’ll more than likely see bison while snowshoeing and have a great chance to see wolves and coyotes. If wildlife like wolves aren’t visible, huge tracks in the snow certainly will be, telling you they were here recently. The trail is mainly rolling with minimal elevation gain, except for one larger 60-foot hill near the start and end.

Those hoping for a longer adventure will love hitting up the Slough Creek Trail after snowshoeing down the road. To reach the first meadow of Slough Creek, the entire day would be about 8 miles in length with around 700 feet in elevation gain.

The 5-mile snowshoe trek is great for those new to snowshoeing, while the 8-mile adventure is definitely for those with experience.



Along the trail, you’ll see endless animal tracks, amazing wind blown snow formations, wildlife, and the gorgeousness of the Slough Creek region. On a clear day, you’ll also have mountain views in the distance, helping to show the size and scale of the northern range. While wildlife sightings are not guaranteed, this is the most consistent spot for seeing wolves and coyotes that I have snowshoed. I will definitely bring a pair of binoculars, and we stay relatively quiet and always be alert. You never know what may be popping up over one of the many hills and ridges. The hike will be around five miles in total with around 200 feet of total elevation gain and loss.

We will meet at the Slough Creek road parking area and bathrooms.

What you may experience

  • Bison sightings
  • elk sightings
  • coyotes
  • wolf sightings
  • the grandeur of Slough Creek
  • blowing drifting snow
  • ice formations
  • a remote view at one of the best wildlife watching spots in America


Day 1:

What You Get/Don't Get


  • Snowshoes, access to prepackaged snacks (nuts, jerky, etc...), an opportunity to fill up your water bottles with gallons of water, use of binoculars.


  • Transportation to and from the trailhead, backpacks, water bottles, and any other gear you feel you will need.

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Wildlife Watching and Slough Creek Snowshoe
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/ Adult
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