Winter Wildlife Watching and Landscape Views Beyond Mammoth’s Boardwalks

6 Hours


Beyond the boardwalks of Mammoth Hot Springs, a winter snowshoe adventure around the Beaver Ponds Loop Trail is waiting for you. This 5.5-mile loop trek is sure to be a memorable day, giving stunning views of the mountains of the region and taking you away from the infrastructure of Mammoth. Along the route, we will look for the elk and bison that frequent the area and search for coyotes, foxes, and birds who decided to stay in the area through the winter. While wildlife sightings are always a matter of luck and timing, we will have a chance to search for tracks in the snow and learn more about how the animals of the area move about in the winter.

The Beaver Ponds Trail is typically a popular summer adventure, but it is ignored once the snow starts to fall. That means that taking a snowshoe tour on this trail puts you truly out in the elements, granting access to the feeling of Yellowstone’s backcountry. It also means that it will be more than just a leisurely stroll in the snow. Snowshoeing the Beaver Ponds Loop Trail will be an expedition, with both challenging moments and times of sheer bliss. This isn’t an easy adventure but is definitely a tour for those hoping for a next-level winter trek, without being far from Mammoth.


Please note: This trail may not be available due to snow conditions, but I will have a worthwhile backup adventure ready for you if that is the case.

An Overview of the Tour

This snowshoe hiking tour is not for beginners. I cannot stress that enough. If you have never been snowshoeing before, do not consider this trek. There is an elevation gain of roughly 900 feet in the 6 miles, with most of that elevation gain at the start of the trail Once the climb is over, the rolling hills will be much more enjoyable, with views of the surrounding region growing with each mile. Along the adventure, we will look for wildlife and their tracks, take in glimpse of Sepulcher Peak and the mountains around Mammoth, and even get a pretty rad view of Mammoth Hot Springs near the end of the day.

Please note that depending on snow and trail conditions, we may do this as an out-and-back and avoid the steepest hill section. Some storms make the incline less than ideal and due to safety concerns, we will not attempt it if I feel the risk is high.

The snow may be deep in places and the trail may be hard to travel on, but I will be breaking trail, doing my best to keep the difficulty as manageable as possible.

The Highlights!

  • Fantastic landscape views
  • Wildlife watching
  • A feeling of remoteness
  • Animal tracks in snow
  • A Winter Wonderland


Day 1:
What the Tour Looks Like

We will start our day at the predetermined time near Liberty Cap in the Mammoth Hot Springs area. After a safety talk, a gear check, and a description of the day, we will start the hike by heading uphill on the trail for the first mile. This will be one of the hardest sections of the day, as hiking uphill in snowshoes isn’t the easiest thing and we will gain roughly 500 feet. Once we get to the top of the ridge, the trail levels out and rolls, before dropping a half mile later. There will be a few more hills before and after the ponds, but nothing compared to the first climb. By mile four, the trail drops after the last large climb and is very manageable.

What the Package Includes/Excludes

What You Get

  • Snowshoes, access to prepackaged snacks (nuts, jerky, etc...), an opportunity to fill up your water bottles with gallons of water, use of binoculars.

What You Don't Get

  • Transportation to and from the trailhead, backpacks, water bottles, and any other gear you feel you will need.

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Winter Wildlife Watching and Landscape Views Beyond Mammoth’s Boardwalks
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