Have you ever read an article from The Outdoor Society, and thought to yourself, “How on earth did these individuals become the amazing, nature-loving adults we know and love?” 

Chances are, you haven’t, but that is ok.

This coming Tuesday, November 10th, you have the unique privilege of attending an event that will give insight into the Outdoor Society, as well as the origin stories of the founders of the great group of explorers. With story telling, amazing images, cheap beer and good conversation, heading out to Olympia’s 3 Magnets Brewing Company for this free event is your best bet for a night of fun and nature talk!

Starting at 7pm, Tuesday, November 10th, The Outdoor Society will be hosting their monthly event at 3Magnets Brewing in Olympia, Washington. The topic will be, as always, about nature, wilderness and the culture of modern day exploration- with a twist. This event will give you an insight into how we became who we are, the wilderness experience we both had around the world, and where to explore this coming weekend. We also encourage you to share your origin story with us after our short presentation.

After the short talks, we will be available to answer any questions you have about us, about fall and winter hiking, or really anything else you feel like discussing. This event is family-friendly, fun and sure to get you excited about your upcoming weekend adventures.

Trust us! You do not want to miss it!

As always, the respected and trusted guidebooks and beautiful 2016 calendars from Exotic Hikes Publishing will be available for purchase and perusing!

Come out to this event, get to know us and be inspired. We’d come to your event!

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