Just in time for the snow to start melting and the trails of the region to open up for hikers, it is with great excitement and nervousness that I am making the following announcement. 

My new guidebook,“Beyond the Boardwalks: Your Guide to 50 Rugged and Scenic Hiking Destinations in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem”is finished.

I am inviting you all to celebrate with me by preordering your copy of this guidebook. 

You can reserve your copy by following this link:

You only have until mid-May to order. Presale copies are limited: Order your copy now!

The books will be shipping out in the second half of May. 

Cover image subject to change.


The hikes I share will take you “Beyond the Boardwalks,” opening up a whole new world of hiking adventures and destinations. These trails open doors to wilderness areas, mountain ridges, and stunning valleys largely unseen by the millions who visit the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem each year. A few go to well-known spots, but the majority of the hikes I am sharing fly under the radar for nearly all who visit the area. These are local classic and favorites and are trails that I wish I had known about sooner. They are gorgeous, inspiring and for many, these are some of the best hiking spots in the country. I am aware of the weight of those words and I picked them carefully. 

As a Yellowstone National Park hiking guide, I am excited to share my decades of experience on the trails with this collection of my favorite hikes. The hikes shared in “Beyond the Boardwalks” are trails that I know well, and am positive that those who enjoy Yellowstone will  be inspired by too. Each hike in this book is one that holds many great memories and I wrote this to share my love for the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.


This book contains so many truly wonderful hikes that I love and frequent often that they might just leave you breathless, by north their beauty and their elevation. I can confidently say that if you don’t find a hike in this guidebook that speaks to your soul, hiking may not be something you enjoy. 

In this guidebook, you can expect the accurate trail descriptions that I always provide. You’ll also be getting color pictures for each trail, dog-friendly hikes, kid-friendly trails, bear safety tips, elevation profiles of the trails, and even my favorite hidden gems. I also share some history of each area, as well as a few of my favorite roadside stops. 

I share a few dozen next level hikes in Yellowstone National Park, where you’ll see wildlife, lesser-known waterfalls, mountain summits and scenic wonders that few who visit the park even know exist. As if that isn’t enough to whet your appetite for adventures in the area, I then branch outside of the park’s boundaries and give even more trails that will make your jaw drop. 

Out of the park, you’ll find incredible starting hikes in the Beartooth Mountains, classic treks to scenic wonders in the Gallatin Mountains, through the valleys and up the peaks in Hyalite, up to the summits of the Bridgers, and then into the magical wonderlands reached near the aptly named Paradise Valley. 

If you have wanted to go deeper into the wilds of the region, this book is for you. I am pretty confident you’ll be stoked for a trip to the region as soon as possible. 


I figured having a kickstarter campaign for the guidebook would be a fun way to launch my book. I also wanted to have a few tiers for you all, in case you were hoping for more than just the book. You can get just the ebook version, both paperback and ebook copies, the books and a print of an image from the book, or the books and a chance to hike one of the trails in the book with me! I can’t be the only one excited about those options! 


You can reserve your copy by following this link:

You only have until mid-May to order. Presale copies are limited: Order your copy now!

The books will be shipping out in the second half of May.