In a move that should not come as a shock to anyone paying attention to the weather forecast, officials in Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest have canceled the fire restrictions that started on September 1st.  With significant rain fall around the region and snow levels dropping down to 5,000 feet this week, the danger of forest fires has dramatically been reduced. While the fire danger is now reduced, please continue to follow fire safety rules. If you do have a fire while camping in Olympic, be smart, safe and always extinguish your fire fully before leaving camp. 

The following is from a press release issues from Olympic National Park and Forest on September 18, 2017:

Due to significant and widespread rain with resulting decrease in fire danger, Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest have lifted all fire restrictions as of September 18, 2017. The restrictions included a ban on campfires outside of developed campgrounds. Fire restrictions are typically lifted when a significant amount of precipitation is recorded in local weather stations and the fire danger has decreased dramatically. Rainfall amounts since September 17 on the west side of the Olympic Peninsula are over an inch with amounts of 0.20 inches or more the east side of the peninsula. Periods of rain is expected throughout the week with snow levels dropping to 5000 feet as well.

Fire restrictions were implemented on September 1 this year. This was unusual for the Olympic Peninsula, but was necessary due to warm, dry summer and moderate drought conditions across the Forest and Park. Additional fire restrictions and area closures were implemented in other land management agencies throughout the Olympic Peninsula.

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