A Few Things to Know About the Latest Mount Rainier National Park Closure

UPDATE: Mount Rainier reopened on February 24th, 2020

You have probably heard the reports- Mount Rainier National Park is closed. The news of the mudslides, flooding and washouts have been gracing the pages of local news and outdoor recreation publications for the past few days. Because of the reports, there is a lot of worry about the impact of the closures and what it means for visitation, the park and the communities around the region. 

Time to Start Planning your Olympic National Park Backpacking Experience!

There is nothing quite like exploring Olympic National Park’s backcountry. From Staircase to Seven Lakes Basin, out to Quinault and Shi Shi Beach, the wilds of Olympic offer unrivaled beauty for those lucky enough to backpack out there. Whether you are a fan of the seven most stunning trips into Olympic’s Backcountry, or prefer to find somewhere else to pitch a tent for the night or seven, one thing is for sure- everyone needs to have an Olympic backpacking experience. That is why we are sharing an important press release from Olympic National Park to make sure you get the campsite you desire.

America’s Most-Visited National Park in 2019

Once January rolls around, we here at the Outdoor Society like to compile a list of the most-visited National Parks around the country. For the author of this post, this day is a holiday, giving me reason to spend hours pouring over stats that few people care about.  Every year, aside from a few jumps and dives, not much changes. However, these lists can help you know which parks are popular and which ones are seeing a drop in visitation, giving you more of a chance to find silence and solitude on the trails you love. 

Yes! The Wild Olympics Bill Just Passed The Natural Resources Committee. Now What?

December 5th, 2019, is a good day. On this day, 126,500 acres, 19 rivers and their major tributaries, a total of 464 river miles, got a little closer to becoming more protected and wild. The river valleys, located on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, received some good news out of D.C. The Wild Olympics Bill was approved by the House Natural Resources Committee! 

Olympic National Park’s Road to Graves Creek Has Reopened

As cold air returns to the region, bringing with it a fall snow event in the higher elevations, some good news was announced by Olympic National Park. On Friday, September 27th, the road to Graves Creek in the Quinault region of the park reopened to vehicles. The press release reads as follows:

101 Mountain Goats Moved From the Olympic Mountains in August of 2019

Goodbye, Mount Ellinor Mountain Goats. You will be missed.

There are now a lot less mountain goats wandering the rocky summits of the Olympic Mountains. For the second straight year, the Mountain Goat Removal process has been hailed a success by the agencies carrying it out. A total of 22 mountain goats were removed from Olympic National Forest in August. Sixteen mountain goats were removed from the Mount Ellinor and Mount Washington area and six from The Brothers Wilderness. During the month of August, 79 were taken from within Olympic National Park boundaries.

Road Repairs to Close Olympic National Park’s Graves Creek Region in September 2019

Heading the Quinault Rainforest in September of 2019? Be prepared for closures and restrictions to reach the Graves Creek region. Starting on September 3rd and lasting into early October, Olympic National Park will be working to fix spots on the road damaged from previous washouts. The image above is from a washout in 2016 that was temporarily fixed. The entire 2019 repair project and closure to vehicles is anticipated to last around four weeks, with the road scheduled to reopen to all access in early October.

Mount Rainier Sees Third Busiest July on Record, But Yearly Numbers Still Down

Mount Rainier received some serious love in July of 2019. Dazzling us with beauty from all around the Pacific Northwest, our iconic mountain has been this year’s hot location for summer vacations and weekend getaways. Maybe it is the wildflowers, or the bubbling springs, pristine alpine lakes, and incredible ridge lines. Or maybe it is because the smoke from fires around the west didn’t fill the air this year. Whatever the reason, Mount Rainier just had the 3rd highest July visitation total since official records were shared publicly in 1979. 

Lightning Strike Burns Down Historic Lookout Tower in Yellowstone National Park

On the afternoon of Tuesday, July 16, the historic Mount Holmes Fire Lookout in Yellowstone National Park burned to the ground, having been struck by lightning from a severe thunderstorm in the area.

The City of Olympia Gets a New Trail

This morning, Olympia’s Parks & Arts and Recreation department opened a brand new trail in the NE neighborhood of the capitol city, connecting East Bay Drive by Howard Road to the Reeves Middle School grounds. What has been a secret, neighborhood boot path for many years is now an official city trail, thanks to the support of a generous grant by REI and the incredibly trail work of the Washington Trail Association.