There are those who stare at a mountain from afar, day-dreaming of the potential panoramas caught from their rocky summits. Some are unable to climb due to modern-day problems like work and children, while others have lost the ability to get out and explore the wilderness. Now, from the comfort of your own screen, you can climb, explore and learn about one of the most recognizable mountain ranges in America. Thanks to a few hard working, underpaid individuals in The Grand Teton National Park, you can now climb The Grand in the the Teton Mountain Range. Climbing 13,770 feet from the comfort of your own home may not be ideal, but if nothing else, taking a few minutes to explore the summit of this majestic mountain should inspire a trip to this Wyoming National Park.

Personally, the layout seems a bit outdated, but once you get a chance to view the videos, the climb comes alive. Capped with the summit view, it is easy to image yourself at the summit, breathing heavy, but enjoying life from an iconic American Summit. The website may not be ideal, but if this is the future of media on National Park websites, I am excited about the future.