You never know what you’ll see in Yellowstone National Park. Whether it is your first visit or your 500th, the park is always different. Watching wildlife in the park is no different. There are those who are jaded and think that once they see an animal, they can check it off their list and move on. Those who do this are missing out on the nuances and quirky moments of the park. This week’s #FindTheAnimalFriday is one of those moments. 

I was driving through Lamar Valley on an early winter day when I spotted a bighorn sheep ram walking atop a ridge to the north. In the cold air, steam emerged from its nostrils and against the pristine blue sky, the scene was picturesque. I pulled over at a pullout and grabbed my camera, snapping a few pictures. Through my view finder, I noticed that the sheep was getting antsy and irritated by something. I continued to snap pictures off by the dozen and spotted a badger walking up the hill. 

The sheep, after a few moments, decided the badger was much too close and darted away. Thankfully, I was able to capture the moment the bighorn sheep, with its huge horns, ran away from a slow badger dozens of feet away. 

This week, the bighorn sheep is very easy to see, but can you spot the badger? 

As always, click on the image for a larger view.

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