I love Yellowstone National Park for many reasons. I love it for the bears and wolves, the bison and pronghorn, the elk and the mountain goats. I love it for Old Faithful, Norris Geyser Basin and Mount Washburn. I find myself yearning for another glimpse of Tower Falls, or gazing upon the beauty of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. I love Yellowstone for the adventure of getting their, for the beauty of the west and for the enchanting spell that the park and the road trip leaves on each and every person who goes. I love it so much, I wrote the best guidebook for those looking to explore the park from Seattle.

The guide Road Trip: Seattle to Yellowstone helps you plan a perfect road trip to America’s First National Park. From highlighting ridiculously awesome spots along the drive to detailed information about everything Yellowstone, the guidebook is positively the prettiest resource you will use to plan your Yellowstone adventure. High-quality images, highlights from inside the park and the best trails, geysers, campgrounds and more help make Road Trip: Seattle to Yellowstone the perfect road trip accessory.

At just under 230 pages, this book is sure to be your go to guide to Yellowstone, while also making the drive along Interstate 90 come to live. Full of history and useful information, Road Trip: Seattle to Yellowstone will be flipped through over and over again. Available in both full color e-book formatting and in black and white paperback, purchasing this book will inspire you to take the drive to the National Park that started it all.

From the Author:

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After having been to Yellowstone over 25 times,  I have put on the miles, stopped at nearly every gas station, rest stop and scenic area from Seattle, Washington to Gardiner, Montana. I have stayed in the campgrounds, eaten at the restaurants and experienced the lodges. I know Yellowstone, I know the drive and I want to share it with you. The information I give has no hidden agenda. I want to give you the best trip to Yellowstone from Seattle as possible and this guidebook can do that.