Everyone that lives, visited, or spent time daydreaming about the Pacific Northwest knows it has endless beauty. From the stunning peaks of the Cascade Mountains in Washington and Oregon, the amazing beaches and rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula and the breathtaking wilderness in Idaho, beauty and outdoor recreation go hand in hand. Nature defines who we are as a region, spurring on movements of secession, as well as defining who we are as individuals. The wilderness of the Pacific Northwest is intoxicating, addicting, and now a place to try to find a date based on our love of the great outdoors.

Before you put on your boots, grab your backpack and hit the trail in search of your super sexy soulmate, it is important to understand how this conclusion was reached. The website Mashable, working with the ever-popular dating site, Match.Com used an algorithm to determine the most popular word associated with dating profiles in each region, a map was created to help determine what activity is most popular in all fifty states. Some answers were predictable, like people in Nevada’s most popular activity was visiting casinos, while others were strange to me, like North Carolina’s most popular activity being mountains, or Tennessee being the word “Porch.”

In the Pacific Northwest, finding a date should be pretty easy, if you are into hiking or kayaking. In Washington State, the the most popular activity mentioned on Match.Com is hiking, and that should come as no surprise. With nearly nine thousand of miles of trails, three national parks, 31 wilderness areas and a plethora of state parks, finding an outdoor adventure comes extremely easy to all who try. The majority (80%) of Washington state’s wilderness is located within 100 miles of major urban areas, making it a perfect place to connect with both nature and that special someone. In Idaho and Oregon, kayaking seems to be the way to hook up with that hottie who you have been messaging. While Montana and Wyoming both enjoy hunting as their way to connect with their prospective soulmate.

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So what does this mean?

The news that people in the Pacific Northwest enjoy hiking and kayaking should come as no surprise. We are surround by natural beauty, and it makes perfectly good sense that the beautiful people (inside and out) are flocking to trails in drives to not just meet someone, but replenish their souls in the most impressive wilderness of America. If you are single and looking for outdoor activity partners, the Northwest makes it easy with our shared common interest- exploring nature. If you have already connected online or in person with someone you wish to take out on a wilderness adventure, we have a few awesome hiking recommendations around Western Washington.

Five Hikes Perfect For a First Date

Looking into the Olympic Mountains with mountain goats from Mount Ellinor
Looking into the Olympic Mountains with mountain goats from Mount Ellinor

Mt Ellinor

Stunning views await those who trek up the somewhat difficult Mount Ellinor trail, but be aware that this short hike is sure to test your compatibility. If you can hike up this and still feel attracted to your date after sweating, swearing and steepness, they might be the one. Watch for mountain goats while enjoying the view of the entire Pacific Northwest. There is not a better view to be found.

Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park
Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park

Rialto Beach

It is hard to find a more romantic place than the wild beaches of the Washington Coast, and Olympic National Park’s Rialto Beach gives a great experience. Hike to Hole in the Wall and enjoy a sunset with your potential new sweetheart. Bring a blanket and enjoy the cuddling, or backpack to one of the remote campsites and enjoy the solitude and romance of the Pacific Ocean.

View from the trail, Mount Rainier National Park
View from the trail, Mount Rainier National Park

Skyline Trail

Quite possible the most iconic hike in Mount Rainier National Park, the Skyline Trail is the perfect mix of alpine hiking with stellar views of the most recognizable mountain in America. Ending the day with sunset at Reflection Lake is the perfect place to get that first kiss. Take some time to enjoy the wildflowers in the summer as well!

The "Trail" of Oneonta Gorge.  Image via Pinterest. Click for photo credit info.
The “Trail” of Oneonta Gorge.
Image via Pinterest. Click for photo credit info.

Oneonta Gorge

Hiking Oneonta Gorge near the Columbia River in Oregon  is a must-experience hike, but be aware is a wet one!  The “trail” goes through knee to waist deep water to get through, but is short and well worth it. If you are near the Columbia River Gorge, do this hike and show off your bathing suit body. Or hike in a wetsuit, it is still awesome.

Colchuck Lake Trail Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Image by Josh Hudson
Colchuck Lake Trail
Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Image by Josh Hudson

Colchuck Lake

Located near the wannabe bavarian town of Leavenworth, Colchuck Lake makes for a great day hike that leads to a picturesque lake that will curb your wanderlust. Situated at the base of amazing mountains, the crystal clear lake is perfect for swimming, or just sitting back and rocking back and forth in a two-person hammock. Be careful, as Colchuck Lake is known to cause lifelong bonds with both wilderness and hiking partners.

Want More Hikes?

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