Nature and politics go hand in hand. Some would rather we only focus on the beautiful, wild lands of America, telling us to stick to sharing pretty pictures. That isn’t going to happen. We are always going to be vocal about what we believe and will continue to fight for public lands. We will be political when we need to be and right now, we need to be. Our public lands are under attack and the very fabric of the America we worked so hard to support is being taken away. We will resist and we will fight. 

You call us snowflakes. We never took this as a bad thing.

Calling us snowflakes is showing your lack of understanding at how the world works. Those who say it, mean it as an insult. They use it as a derogatory term to belittle us, thinking it makes us weak. They use it, ignoring science and reason. Like snowflakes, we have bonded together and united. Through this past year, we have become attached, so close that when you try and smash us down, we become tighter and stronger. All of us “little snowflakes” have become a snowpack, waiting to unleash our frozen energy onto the rest of the country.

We will survive the long winter by sticking together, and come spring time, we will be the most powerful and unstoppable force in the world. We will rush down mountains as avalanches, wreaking havoc on everything in our path. Then, as the sun comes out, we will melt. You will laugh, failing to see that we are still going to ruin the entire landscape in our rage.

We don’t just hope for change.

We erode.

The power of erosion on display at the Grand Canyon

If a snowflake melts, it turns to water. Water seeps into every nook and cranny, causing division and crumbling foundations to the very core of this nation. That is who we are. We are going to sculpt the landscape how every we see fit and there is nothing you can do about it. From the tops of the highest peaks, to the oceans and deltas, an unstoppable flow of water is going to be headed your way. Thoughts and prayers won’t work.

Spring is coming and all of these individual snowflakes are turning into water, flowing across every inch of the great nation, washing away the disgustingness currently covering the country like a Third Reich blanket. We are everywhere. Falling from the sky, filtering up from below the surface and even coming in along the salty coasts. The resistance is rising, swelling up and becoming more powerful the closer we get to the shores of Election Day. The rolling tide is starting to be noticed, a boiling and churning force this loud should cause more than just ripples in the faux-bourgeoisie at the GOP. But they don’t pay attention to the coming flood. Ironic for a group hoping to have drained the swamp. You’d think they would be watching water levels more closely. If only you didn’t slash the EPA’s  power to do such things…

No wonder you don’t want to protect the eroded beauty of Utah’s public lands- it reminds you of your own mortality. Seeing solid rock crumble down into nothing more than fine grains has to be a sobering thought. You want to feel invincible, considering yourself to be solid as a rock.

Try as you might, you and your ideologies will soon be sand beneath our feet.