77: ‘Ultrarunner John Muir’

François abandons his FKT attempt of the Washington portion of the PCT due to snow, Doug loves power walking and Mathias is afraid of cougars. Top notch programming in this weeks episode of Singletrack.

Bake Pretzels – Be Happy

When the weather turns and the cold creeps into the house I turn to baking to keep the family well fed and in good spirits. Not just for Oktoberfest, but year round this a one of my family’s favorite recipes.

The most amazing pretzels you can bake at home (now with  lye, because you only live once!)

Have You Been Stricken With Larch Madness?

Douglas Scott for Curbed Seattle

By now, you have seen the pictures across social media and heard your outdoor adventure friends talk about their most-recent larch adventure in the Cascades. If you haven’t, I am impressed. In the Pacific Northwest, larch fever is easier to catch than a whiff of pumpkin spice at a Starbucks.

76: ‘World Records without long finger nails’ with Special Guest Tabatha Collins

On this week’s episode, Doug and Mathias welcome Tabatha Collins, the soon to be world record holder for most ultra marathons completed by a woman in a year. They talk about training, aid station food, mental health and running all over the county. If you love inspiring stories and great people, this is the episode for you.

Coros APEX review: A smartwatch for getting off the grid

Mathias Eichler for iMore

With Apple just launching the Series 5 Apple Watch, they’ve addressed one of the biggest issues I’ve had with it: it now sports an always-on display. Another big complaint I have, however, is battery life when you’re in the backcountry for days at a time. The Coros Apex GPS Multisport watch fulfills my smartwatch needs and my extended isolation needs.

Coros Apex reviewed on iMore.com

Things You’ll Hear While Waiting For Old Faithful

Seeing Old Faithful erupt in Yellowstone National Park is one of the quintessential moments in America’s National Parks. For generations, experiencing this iconic event has dazzled the crowds who visit all year long. While each eruption is special and unique, there are a few things that happen nearly every time Old Faithful goes off. In this post, we look at a dozen things you will hear while at Old Faithful if you watch it erupt from the boardwalk. 

Olympic National Park’s Road to Graves Creek Has Reopened

As cold air returns to the region, bringing with it a fall snow event in the higher elevations, some good news was announced by Olympic National Park. On Friday, September 27th, the road to Graves Creek in the Quinault region of the park reopened to vehicles. The press release reads as follows:

75: ‘The Rattlesnake Ate my Empanada’

Before the first big snow of the season, your faithful hosts each squeeze in one more adventure. Doug heads to Lake Solitude at Grand Teton National Park and Mathias finally fulfills his dream of running the Enchantments in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness above Leavenworth, Washington.
You guessed it, those runs were as awesome and rewarding.

74: ‘Squeezing in a Midday Run’

Your hosts are squeezing a whole lot of technology into this week’s episode of your favorite trail stumbling podcast. There is watch talk, camera angles, and eBikes are invading our public lands.

Also included a fascinating Director’s Commentary on “How to Build a Calendar”.

COROS releases new APEX Pro GPS Multisport Watch

You can’t turn your head in the outdoor space without someone talking about COROS. Sure, it might be influencers on Instagram, I mean pro athletes, but the company is clearly on a roll.

On the heel of an announcement of a new partnership with the American Alpine Club, California-based newcomer to the outdoor premium watch space, COROS, is announcing today a brand new product to their GPS Multisport watch lineup. Building off of their breakout product, the APEX, the new APEX Pro is a step up, taking its place in the lineup between APEX and the recently launched VERTIX. Clocking at $499 the watch has a ton of interesting new features and I can’t wait take it for a spin.