Thicc Thighs and Slippery Soles

Back on track, until the end, hazards with shoes and running holes in shorts are discussed in great length, unlike Mathias and Doug’s shorts. A phone to the universe was found in Olympia’s Priest Point Park, but is it art or vandalism? Maybe Toto has a song about that too? All of this and more, on everyone’s beloved trail running podcast.

Trail Running Tiktok and Evolution

This week, we try to dive into deeper things than the political chaos engulfing the nation. How’d we do? We discuss trail running Tiktok, the new logo for ATRA, as well as discuss what they could do to embrace the future of the sport. Doug may be overly critical, while Mathias keeps the talk positive, discussing logos and recommends an amazing trail running film and asks for podcast recommendations.

Feeling in a Rut?

Doug rolls over his 2020 race entries to this year and is amped up about running three back to back races at the Rut this coming summer. It still feels a million miles away and there are equal number of things to think about, COVID-19 protocols at public gatherings being just one of them, how to make Spätzle being the other.

Hydrate, Stretch and Whine About Strava

Politics aside the new year begins with a renewed focus on nutrition and proper preparation before our runs. Oh, and of course we chat about Strava again. Just like a real running podcast.

Behind the Picture: A Year Along the Same Spot of the Yellowstone River

There is this view along the Yellowstone River that I have taken a picture at hundreds of times a year. I stand on a mostly flat rock a few steps up on the levee, next to Sacajawea Park in the small town of Livingston, Montana and snap away. Looking up a side channel of the Yellowstone River, a few shrubs have grown out of the ever-shifting gravel, holding on tight through the spring floods and somehow surviving the frigid temperates and ice dams of winter. In the distance, the Absaroka-Beartooth wilderness beckons modern day explorers, its rocky mountain tops scraping the sky.

Merry New Year, Or Something

2020 was a dumpster fire, but there were moments of joy, of happiness and of adventures. In this episode Doug and Mathias share their favorite moments on trails in this past year and are cautiously optimistic for the new one.

Here’s to more adventures in 2021!

A Fine Holiday Show

It’s the most fabulous holiday tradition at the Singletrack World Headquarters: The annual movie review. Doug and Mathias take a deep dive at Fine Lines. A climbing documentary that explores that very fine line between risk and madness, reward and well, death. Grab a beverage, pull up a chair and tune in.

You Don’t Look a Gift Pod in The Ear?

Say it with us: “Cheese Steak, Cheese Cake, Cheapskate!”

Doug kicks things off with yet another awkward topic. leading to a quick chat about a trail run following the route of the Donner Party. Mathias brings us back on track, announcing a change in recording schedule for the next few week before we discuss running in air pods. There is holiday cooking talk, baking chat and the usual non-running topics you know and love. Stay for the end and hear what movie we will be watching and reviewing for our annual Holiday tradition!

Oh Deer, Always Be Prepared

WARNING: Graphic Content to start the episode.
This week, we start with breaking news. Doug hits his first deer and has a truly Montana moment, leaving us to chat about the importance of always being prepared and carrying extra gear in your car.
The masters of segues then chat about Strava numbers for and the year in review, before celebrating our year outdoors, and hopefully inspiring you to do the same. Grab your calendars, review and share this show and watch out for deer!

Wicking Socks and a Warm Coccyx

Only one more week of dwindling daylight hours. In what may be the tightest episode in Singletrack history, layering fails, winter gear, mountain travels and apprehensions are all discussed in detail. Don’t worry though, tangents and weird comments seep through to give you everything you love about Mathias and Doug. We even mention the McRib. Again. Will the McRib talk and 2020 ever end? Only time will tell.