Scar Tissue: Yellowstone National Park

We all have scars. Some visible, some hidden, some physical and some emotional, but everyone has at least one. At least, those who have lived, loved, lost, and limped. Some scars eventually fade and are all but forgotten without the perfect light. While we typically hide our scars as best we can, scars are identifying markers, telling stories with their forever changed skin. During the winter of 2019-2020 in Yellowstone National Park, one scar bridged nearly two years of memories between a human and a bison. 

89: ‘Setting our Sights on a New Year’

After a deserved holiday break your favorite audio experience crew is back setting goals for the new year. Join the fun and get inspired for adventures on trail to mountain tops and beyond.

88: ‘Love Actually is All Around’

Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays and Fröhliche Weihnachten from Douglas and Mathias to all of you, dear listeners. While you can’t talk back at us and correct us when you listen, you mean the world to us and we wouldn’t do it without you, seriously.

Here’s to an amazing 2020!

Twas The Night Before Christmas on the Olympic Peninsula

T’was the night before Christmas all along the O.P.

Not a creature was stirring; even the marmots were asleep.

The stocking were hung by the campfire, from Olympia to Neah Bay

In hopes that St Nicholas would soon be on his way;

87: ‘Geofencing my Treadmill Run’

With the weather turning sour your favorite audio experience hosts discuss the option of incorporating indoor training units in our running routine. Glacier Peaks Studio announces a major update to our favorite GPS mapping apps Topo Maps+ and Christmas cookies are wrapped in environmentally friendly beeswax wrappers.

86: ‘Charging My Camera Battery in My Pants’

Walking a tightrope around tricky issues the team talks cold weather clothing, ‘nimby’-ism, and summer adventure plans. Too soon? It’s never too soon to dream of sunny days. They are ahead!

The Seven Day Sunset Challenge: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Edition

Most mornings I wake up. This is not out of the ordinary. I have done it for the overwhelmingly majority of my time alive. Out of the 14,000+ days of my life, the one at the start of each week has notoriously been the hardest. Garfield famously moans, from his bed that is shaped like a miniature covered-wagon, “Mondays.”

While we may never know why an animated cat dislikes the day, I dislike Monday mornings because they feel the farthest from adventure and nature. To solve this feeling of emptiness, I started setting goals for myself most Monday mornings. This past week, my goal was to catch every sunset. 

Yes! The Wild Olympics Bill Just Passed The Natural Resources Committee. Now What?

December 5th, 2019, is a good day. On this day, 126,500 acres, 19 rivers and their major tributaries, a total of 464 river miles, got a little closer to becoming more protected and wild. The river valleys, located on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, received some good news out of D.C. The Wild Olympics Bill was approved by the House Natural Resources Committee! 

85: ‘Oh Man, That’s a Tough Break’

America’s Favorite Podcasters(TM) take on La Sportiva shoes, gyms for millennials and overpriced Xmas presents. What to do when encountering  grizzlies and hunters while on a run and what not to do when getting lost on a long trail race.

Also: New trail races for 2020!

The Trail Running Shoes in my Gear Closet

I love crazy colors and any outdoor brand that can deliver on that point will have my attention. Combine that with a long history of mountaineering in the Alps and you’ve got La Sportiva, one of the best gear brands for trail runners. You’ve seen their shoes on granite cliffs on Yosemite and on high altitude glaciers in the Himalayas. This shows La Sportiva’s experience and commitment to serious adventuring. A company born in the Dolomites and still family-run up until this day.