Grizzlies Are Now Active in Yellowstone National Park!

We can “bearly” contain our happiness with this news! The first official grizzly bear sighting of 2020 has occurred in Yellowstone National Park! Despite a ton of snow and ridiculously frigid temperatures, the inevitable return to warmer weather is showing signs of occurring. We are a ways from wildflowers and open roads, but the bears are “waking up.”

98: ‘The Philosophy of Hills’

Doug suspends his campaign, finally. Mathias forgets his water on his long run, like a noob.
They discuss Walmsley at the Olympic Trials, proper nutrition on long runs and what adventure experiences do to the human psyche. We need more of it.

Thanks for tuning in every week – means the world to us!

Happy Birthday, Yellowstone National Park!

Happy 148th Birthday to the first National Park!

On March 1st, Yellowstone National Park turned 148 years old! While the land has been around for millions of years, the region now known as Yellowstone National Park was formally protected by the United States Government in 1872. Signed by President Ulysses S. Grant, the Act of Dedication helped create the world’s first National Park and helped inspire a love and protection of Public Lands around the nation. 

97: ‘Discounted Running Shoes’

The recent search and rescue event out at the Duckabush on the Olympic Peninsula make your favorite podcasters re-up the conversation about safety in the backcountry. Do not be complacent. Go prepared, check things twice, bring your stuff and tell people where you’re going.
Also, running shoes are purchased, orientation runs are organized, and jokes are made about tiny houses.

Closed! Olympic National Park’s Spruce Railroad Trail Closed Until Fall of 2020

One of Olympic National Park’s most popular trails, the Spruce Railroad Trail, will be closed until fall of 2020. As one of the only dog and bike friendly trails in Olympic National Park, the popular path along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Crescent is seeing some much needed TLC. From early March until November, the five mile route will be closed to all visitors. Here is what you need to know, according to Olympic National Park officials: 

96: ‘It’s Such a Good Feeling to run Many Miles’

Hey, Doug and Mathias got to run together, in real life, that was fun, and it was at Kaiser.
The team discusses all the new 100 mile races that are popping up in the PNW and Mathias reviews the Nathan ExoDraw handheld from last week in more details.
The first orientation run at Kaiser is announced. All the fun in the neighborhood!

95: ‘These Socks Were Meant for Talking’

It’s product review time here in the Singletrack studios. Doug and Mathias talk about the new Biolite headlamps, a Teton Sports backpacks, Boca Gear hats, and Nathan hydration vests. Since we’re already reviewing stuff, of course we have to talk about that NYT article about Jim Wamsley too.
Oh, and don’t forget socks, so many awesome, socks! All links to products below!

A Few Things to Know About the Latest Mount Rainier National Park Closure

UPDATE: Mount Rainier reopened on February 24th, 2020

You have probably heard the reports- Mount Rainier National Park is closed. The news of the mudslides, flooding and washouts have been gracing the pages of local news and outdoor recreation publications for the past few days. Because of the reports, there is a lot of worry about the impact of the closures and what it means for visitation, the park and the communities around the region. 

94: ‘Stealing Pies off the Window Sill’

Mathias finds a pocket in the weather window and marvels at the man-made alpine on timber land.
Doug runs with some tailwind and shares some road closure updates due to severe flooding… and, well climate change.

93: ‘Revisiting 90s Fashion Trends’

Mathias dreams of life in a tourist town and rollerblades through Munich, Doug takes his gramophone out on a trail and makes eye contact with a dog.

Spot on trail running talk, as always.