December 16th, 2022

Each week on the social media pages of The Outdoor Society, I have been posting “Find the Animal Friday” images from Yellowstone National Park.Some are easy, some are hard, but all are done to help you get ready to spot wildlife when you visit Yellowstone National Park.

This week, I am sharing a picture taken in the winter of 2021 of a lone coyote wandering through the frosted trees in Lamar Valley. In general, winter is the best time to spot most wildlife, as the landscape is white and most of the plants and shrubs are covered by snow. This image was taken during a light snowpack, so sage is visible. This is not always the case in the winter.

I post these to help you train your eyes to spot wildlife in the distance, as more often than not, that is how you are going to see some of the majestic wildlife in this natural wonderland. Images of wolves, bears, and other wildlife up close sometimes created an unrealistic expectation of wildlife viewing in the park. That isn’t to say that seeing wildlife close up won’t happen for you, you may have a bear or wold walk right by you in your car. You will probably have a bison or elk near the road. But sightings like this are not the norm, especially for the more popular and sought after animals to see. Instead of a close up view, you may see wolves or bears, coyotes and bighorn sheep from afar. This series is created in hopes to help you out, so when there is an animal far off, you’ll be able to quickly spot it and enjoy the sighting. As always, make sure you bring or rent a pair of binoculars for your wildlife watching visit.

I sincerely hope that these posts help to embrace the far away sightings of animals in Yellowstone, celebrating seeing any animal at any distance in this wonderful and wild scenic wonderland.

Finally, the answer to this is located at the bottom of the post.

Can you spot the coyote in this picture from Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley?


I have written a guidebook to help you locate wildlife in Yellowstone National Park. Having visited the park for decades, as well as working near, in and living just outside the park, I visit the park almost weekly. My wildlife watching guidebook uses all of the knowledge I have gained from my trips and gives you the tips and tricks to be able to spot the wildlife for which you are seeking. There is an ebook version and a paperback version, as well as an option to pick up both. The ebook copy will be emailed ASAP, and is great to pick up if you are alway in the area.

If you are planning a trip a month or later, pick up a paperback copy too! In full transparency, shipping delays have been occurring and I can’t promise that they will arrive from my distributor within a week of your order. I am working to fix that, but it may take a little bit of time. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t order both. I just want to give you a heads up on the current delays.

Link to information about the ebook:

Link to information about the paperback version:

I humbly recommend picking this guidebook up if you haven’t been to Yellowstone before, or if you have visited and have had difficulty finding wildlife.


Can you see it now?
You should be able to see it. It is pretty much in center of this picture.