It was near the end of April, 2022 in Yellowstone National Park and wildlife watching was picking up speed. The air had a warmth to it that felt out of place. The snowpack was dwindling fast and all around the park, it felt like this was going to be the start of a very busy season. Little did we know that in six weeks, that would all change. On this day, my attention wasn’t on the future. It was on finding a bear or two to watch from a safe distance away and to head down to the geyser basins. In this week’s Find the Animal Friday, I take a look at a grizzly sighting I had just south of Mammoth Hot Springs.

As per usual when I see a bear between Mammoth and Norris, I was shocked. I shouldn’t be, as bear sightings here are pretty common, especially in the early season. Yet, when I rounded a corner and saw a few cars parked in a pullout, all happily looking in the distance, I couldn’t believe my luck. In the field was a grizzly, slowly flipping over logs and rocks and eating as much as it could.

Until I arrived.

The bear had been wandering out in the open and easy to see for an hour before I arrived. As soon as I parked, though, it started moving toward a stand of trees rather quickly.

Below is one of the pictures I got of the bear. This isn’t there easiest of challenges, but I assure you that the bear is there and visible.

Can you locate the Yellowstone grizzly in this picture?

As always, clicking on the image below will give you a larger view.

A grizzly. slightly hidden, in Yellowstone National Park

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