So you are hoping to visit Yellowstone National Park, but are finding that planning the perfect trip is a little difficult. Even if you have found a campsite or a hotel to stay at for your visit, there is still the itinerary of experiences to plan.

With five entrances to choose from in the summer months and 310 miles of paved roads in the park, planning a driving tour of the park can seem like a daunting task. Those hoping to take a hike have even more decisions to make, having to choose from 92 trailheads, encompassing over 1,000 miles of backcountry trails and 15 miles of boardwalks. Include the desire to see the thermal areas, as well as animals like wolves, bears, bison and bighorn sheep and trying to create a plan to do it all is enough to throw your hands up in frustration.

I don’t blame you.

Yellowstone National Park is massive.

The park is larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined.

Planning a trip in an area that large with so many different things to see or do is quite the undertaking. Chances are, you will have only a few days, or up to a week if you are lucky, to try to see everything in the park. You’ll search online for information and find a myriad of decisions and itineraries, each of which is good, but not exactly what you want. Some will be written by people who visit the park often, other times it will be an itinerary from someone who only visits the park once.

Frustration grows and the pressure of having a great trip increases.

This is exactly why I created MyGuides to Yellowstone National Park. These personalized guides are written to you and for you, covering the experiences you want to have, all from someone who is in the park constantly.

What is a MyGuide

MyGuides are your personal and customized travel guide full of up-to-date information for your trip to Yellowstone, based on 35+ years of experience by Yellowstone guidebook author and hiking guide, Douglas Scott (me!)

Here’s how it works: I’ll send you a questionnaire to get to know you a bit and learn about your plans. Then I will dive into my dozens of years of experience planning adventures in the great outdoors and deliver you a handcrafted guide, full of photos, maps, detailed location descriptions and all the information you will need to have an amazing trip to Yellowstone.

Once you order a Myguide, you will also be able to contact the writer with any questions you may have. Ask away, we are happy to help you plan your best vacation in the great outdoors yet!

Why Should You Buy a MyGuide From Me? 

Very few people know Yellowstone National Park as well as I do. I say this with as little ego as I can, but it is true. I literally can’t stop talking about Yellowstone and am constantly giving tips to anyone and everyone that will listen. I live a short drive outside the park and on average, I visit the park at least once a week. I been living near, working in, or visiting Yellowstone my entire life. I have hiked hundreds of miles of trails, driven all of the roads countless times, and I even ran every road in the park a few summers ago. I have written a few guidebooks about Yellowstone and am a hiking guide within the park’s boundaries. I love sharing the park with others, I believe that everyone belongs and is welcome in and around the park, and I want to help you have the best vacation in Yellowstone that you can.

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