I refrain from writing weather posts, as they tend to lose their usefulness quickly. However, this week’s forecast is something I can’t skip over. During the first week of September, 2015, there is a chance of snow for the mountains around the Pacific Northwest, something drastically needed during the driest, hottest summer in recorded history. From September 2nd to the 4th, snow could fall on mountain peaks as low as 5,500 feet, with accumulations up to a few inches.

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This is great news for our drought stricken mountains, but is something that needs to be made aware to anyone traveling up to higher elevations during the week. Just a few weeks ago, temperatures were in the 80s a mile above the sea, and you could hike with out really being too concerned about gear or clothes. The early snow will come as a shock for those ill prepared, so hikers are advised to treat this as a winter day. It is better to bring too much gear than too little.

I am somewhat pessimistic that the snow will actually happen, but if it does, it is welcome. We haven’t seen snow fall in our mountains for quite awhile, and while it might make hiking toward the end of the week a bit more challenging, the change to the terrain will be awesome. If you do head out into the mountains this week, please be smart, be safe and enjoy the moment. September snow is pretty rare, especially in the first week!

Olympic Mountain Forecast.
Olympic Mountain Forecast.