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Douglas Scott | Jul 8th, 2016

The Olympic Peninsula’s Cape Flattery, Via Drone

Cape Flattery is a classic destination, not just on the Olympic Peninsula or the state of Washington, but in the nation. Out on the exposed rocks, overlooking the Pacific Ocean in full glory, Cape Flattery is a timeless testament to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Most know the cape as being the place where they can stand and be at the Northwestern-most point in the contiguous United States. While that doesn’t flow off the tongue, standing on the rocky embankments is inspiring and moving, riding the gap between humanity and wilderness. 

To get to Cape Flattery requires a long drive from anywhere in Washington, even towns that most in the Puget Sound think are far away. This isolated stretch of land is five hours from Seattle, four hours from Olympia and two hours from Port Angeles, making it one of the lesser listed regions on the Olympic Peninsula. Those who do make the trek out to this natural gem on the Makah Reservation are rewarded with one of the best coastal views in the country. After following a short trail from a paved road and parking area,  those with an adventurist spirit are given a vista for the ages. The trail is just 0.75 miles from trailhead to overlook and is easy for all. Remember, a Makah Recreation Pass is required to park at the trail head.

While the view form the observation platform is incredible, this drone footage gives a whole new angle to the sheer beauty of Cape Flattery. Take a few minutes and enjoy the stunning sights and sounds of this incredible destination.

Cape Flattery 7/3/16 – DJI Phantom 3 from Chris Kennedy on Vimeo.


I don’t know about all of you, but this totally makes me want to take yet another trip out to Cape Flattery and see this sights. Is that view looking back toward the rocks not incredible??

For more information on Cape Flattery and the Makah Reservation, please read an article I wrote for Roots Rated, or pick up a copy of my Definitive Guide to Olympic National Park and Peninsula. 

Cape Flattery, Olympic Peninsula

Cape Flattery, Olympic Peninsula

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