Serious Snowfall is Returning to the Olympic Mountains!

Snow is finally coming to the mountains of the Olympic Peninsula! While lowland residents bemoan the return of the rain, the drought beleaguered summits of the region are rejoicing. A atmospheric onslaught of moisture is currently dousing the Pacific Northwest and will continue to do so for the next week, bringing a winter wonderland to your favorite local mountains. For us here at the Outdoor Society, we decided to take a look at the upcoming snow totals for the Olympics and were amazed. 

Free Avalanche Awareness Class at Olympic National Park Visitor Center

As the snowy season has officially kicked off, Olympic National Park and the Northwest Avalanche Center have joined forces to provide a free event to the public for avalanche awareness. This event is a great way to brush up on some tips, ask avalanche related questions and get to know the park a bit better in the winter. If you plan on exploring Olympic’s snowy areas this winter, you don’t want to miss this!

Five Outdoor Themed Books You Need to Own and Read

There is nothing quite like reading a good book. Page after page, we find ourselves intoxicated with what is next, learning and becoming motivated by the printed word. Books inspire us, teach us, and connect us to hobbies and landscapes near and far. For us, and maybe even you, books are a way to relax and rejuvenate our souls on rainy days and dark nights. While there are thousands of books we love, there are five we would like to recommend right now, each hopefully bringing you as much joy as they brought us. 

Singletrack 33: ‘Off the Rails Like Retired Trains and Climate Change’

In this brief chat Douglas and Mathias discuss the pros and cons of creating your own ultra adventure vs. participating in organized races. Mathias drinks whiskey with a headlamp on while sharing the progress on his EverySingleStreet project using a SPOTX satellite messenger.

Later your favorite hosts make an urgent appeal to take the newly released climate assessment report recently released to heart. This is no joke folks. We have to change the way we live our lives.

Nothing Will Get You High As This: Levitate Up to Mount Ellinor

The first taste of wilderness is an unforgettable high, forever altering the chemistry of your brain. Surrounded by seemingly endless nature, your perception of life, the universe and everything becomes forever changed. For most of us, that initial high we get from the great outdoors becomes our addiction, leading to us searching over maps and driving down dirt roads looking for our next fix at all hours of the day. We chase it day in and day our, blinded by the addictive properties of our public lands.

Five Fee Free Days Announced by the National Park Service for 2019

Mark your calendars! The Department of Interior has announced the five fee free days for 2019! After having just four free days in 2018, the Parks added another day, giving us five fee free days to enjoy the National Parks and lands operated by the Department of Interior. The release of this information is always super exciting for us here at The Outdoor Society, as we get to share the information with you all! This year, head out on one of these days and share your love of public lands with someone new!

Singletrack 32: ‘A Planet full of Robots’

In this week’s jam packed episode, Mathias embraces the holiday spirit, Douglas makes 90s hip hop references, we discuss running the roads of Olympia for #RunEveryRoad or #everysingleroad and then we dive back into our amazing gear reviews. We also highlight the brand new Summit Book 2019, now available on our website, and Douglas answers rapid fire questions. Whew. This episode is brought to you by your 5-star reviews! Haven’t left one yet? Why not?

Whiteout Wanderings at Olympic National Park’s Hurricane Ridge

This post was written and posted in one hour for #NatureWritingChallenge. Join us for this weekly writing challenge! 

All we knew is that we wanted to hike in snow. After a weekend of snow dumping down in the mountains, adventure was filling our blood and we were becoming drunk off of potential wanderlust. Reports of feet of powder were trickling in and we longed to be a part of it. It didn’t matter where we had to go to find snow, we just needed to explore the mountains on a pair of snowshoes. We checked roads, checked our gear and headed up Highway 101, eager to reach the wonderland of winter weather that was waiting for us. 

Singletrack 31: ‘The Most Wonderful Time to Talk Gear’

This week, Mathias and Doug catch up on the latest running projects they have been enduring, wax poetic about the Olympic Peninsula’s Mount Ellinor and work up an appetitive talking about Pizza, Burgers and Shakes with this week’s sponsor, Eastside Big Toms. After the break, your co-hosts chat about the upcoming holidays and then dive into awesome gift ideas. Listen, love, laugh and long for more Single Track Adventures. Oh, and don’t forget to visit our store for guidebooks, calendars, notebooks and the 2019 Summit Book!

Singletrack 30: ‘Lunch with Kilian’

We’re awake again! Your faithful hosts are recapping Day 2 of the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market (including celebrity sightings!), chat about their #OptOutside plans, and share their favorite pies for Thanksgiving. Yes, it is that time of the year!

A Lifetime of #OptOutside

This week’s #NatureWritingChallenge topic was to write about the Best Reasons to #OptOutside this Black Friday. The following is my interpretation of the writing prompt, written and posted in just one hour. 

Singletrack 29: ‘Live from Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2018’

Live from the OR show in Denver, Colorado, Mathias and Douglas discuss the trade show in great length while trying to stay awake after long trips to get there. Stoked by the environmentally friendly new products, political activism of the Outdoor Industry, talking to new and old favorite companies, and a few quirky contraptions, your heroes might have recorded their most exhausting podcast ever. Short and sweet, they even discuss running a bit before ending this episode. Listeners, try to guess who was the most exhausted!

Encountering A Strange Stranger in Yellowstone National Park

Sometimes, random encounters with a stranger on a Public Land can become incredible memorable, inspiring a story that gets retold more than you mean to. For this week’s #NatureWritingChallenge, I decided to share one of my frequently told stories about a stranger I encountered in a National Park. Unlike many stories I tell a lot, this has never been put down on paper. Until now. Enjoy.

Singletrack 28: ‘The Squeakiest of Soles’

The crew makes a heartfelt plea to use your senses and go out and vote. Really, life as we know it depends on it. They also talk running slumps, how to review products review in-kind and pacing friends on really big races.

Holding Out Hope- My Wishlist for America’s Public Lands (Written in One Hour)

I was recently asked what my wishlist for Public Lands would be, and since we are just days away from the 2018 mid-term elections, I wanted to give a thought out and carefully crafted response. However, this question was posed as a #NatureWritingChallenge, meaning I only had one hour to write this. This is what I wrote: 

Singletrack 27: ‘Homecoming Week’

After a whirlwind travel week your friendly neighborhood podcasting hosts share stories of fall adventures at castles in Germany, running into friends on Cub Peak above Hoodsport, WA and how much broken fingers hurt. They didn’t talk about cured ham or delicious cakes, which they regret deeply. Mathias also shares his first big race signup for the new year. Exciting!

My Favorite National Park Entrance

The entrances to National Parks are like gateways to another world, granting access to breathtaking landscapes that are mostly untouched by human interference. The provide entry to lands full of wondrous wilderness and wildlife, where adventures await all who are fortunate enough to enter.  While there are no bad entrances to National Parks, each of us has a favorite, one that speaks directly to our soul. Sparking our sense of adventure and increasing our love for public lands, these entrances are special, and are filled with amazing memories. 

Singletrack 26: ‘Traveling without Moving’

How many questions can Doug and Mathias answer in very short period of time. Not diddle-daddling allowed. They also cover the joy of running while traveling to far away places and offer a sneak peek at the upcoming Holiday Gift Guide show.

The Underrated Awesomeness of Storm Watching Along the Olympic Coast

I have been called a fair weather hiker by quite a few people. For awhile, I denied this, hoping I could convince myself and others that I would be outdoors in rain, snow, sun, wind, whatever. I have tried, and I often fail to shake this label off of me. For as much as I feel the call of the wild on sunny days, I experience a pull toward comfort on rainy cold days. Wrapped in a blanket, sitting in front of a fire, drinking whiskey and hot chocolate, this is where my brain longs to be during inclement weather.  Sure, I have hiked the rainforests in monsoons, trail ran Yellowstone in blizzards and climbed towering peaks in severe winds, but if you ask me if I enjoyed it, my voice may waiver as I respond of course. Bad weather and I usually not friends, but when I hear of a storm raging toward the Olympic Coast, everything changes.

Singletrack 25: ‘Always look on the bright side of Spicy Queso’

Twenty-five episodes in and the crew is not slowing down.
They are celebrating with new limited editions shirts – get some, people! Chips are eating, trails are run and races are selected for the new year. It’s a full show.


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