Year: 2021

This Week in Yellowstone: December 31st, 2021 to Jan 6th, 2022

This week, I take a look at the struggles of driving in the park during the winter, share a story about arsenic levels in the waters of Yellowstone, celebrate a nearly healthy snowpack and tell you where to see wildlife on your upcoming trip. I also strongly encourage you to drink a ton of water and to take a trek up to Calcite Springs. 

This Week in Yellowstone December 24th through December 30th, 2021

This Week in Yellowstone, I take a look at the wolf hunt, share a new link for snowpack information in the park, remind everyone to wave at fellow park visitors, and even share a trail to wander. If you are headed to the park this week expect snow and frigid temperatures, and be sure to check out the awesome trail I recommend that reaches a frozen lake and waterfall. I think this is yet another good one!  

This Week in Yellowstone December 17th to December 23rd, 2021

This week, I take a look at the official start of winter tourism in the park, then dive into visitation statistics for November. I share the pathetic snowpack, spots to find absolute bliss, and even give an otter update. Oh, I also included a link to an amazing video of wolves hunting elk in Yellowstone. This is a good one.

This Week in Yellowstone: December 10th through December 16th, 2021

This Week in Yellowstone, I take a look at the bison cull, celebrate the opening of interior roads to oversnow travel, take a gander at the sad snowpack, and take the road less traveled in the park. Plus, I share a stunning Mountain View perfect for winter days in the Northern Range. Snow is in the forecast, so bundle up and come wander around America’s first National Park for the last full week of fall. 

This Week In Yellowstone: December 3rd to December 9th, 2021

This Week in Yellowstone, we welcome back much needed snow, take a look at the huge jump in grizzly bear numbers, and hear about Yellowstone’s version of first tracks. I also share where you can see bighorn sheep fighting and mating. The snowpack is low, but wildlife watching is picking up. You know you want …

The Ultimate Wildlife Watching Guidebook to Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone.  The word alone conjures up images and memories for those who enjoy America’s Public Lands. The park is world-famous, a destination for roughly four million people a year, with the majority arriving over just three months. Popular, scenic, and enjoyable for all ages, Yellowstone is a destination for a myriad of reasons, but young …

This Week in Yellowstone: November 25th though December 1st

This Week in Yellowstone National Park, we look at how the low snowpack is impacting activities in and out of the park, celebrate the return of a once rare-to-see species in the park, and find out where I like to stop to use the bathroom in the winter. I even share a hike idea that …

The Joys of Wildlife Watching From A Distance in Yellowstone

We had hiked four miles or so miles down the closed road to the Slough Creek Campground and into the Slough Creek Valley. It was a late January day, with high temperatures barely scraping the freezing mark. The sun was out in full force, warming the prairie and the wildlife, but a light wind kept …

This Week in Yellowstone: November 18th through November 24th.

In this installment of my weekly series, we I look at the infrastructure bill, let you know what the National Park is doing about the roadside bear den near Roosevelt Junction, give some tips for what to expect when visiting this time of the year, and share a few of my favorite spots to wander right now.