The word alone conjures up images and memories for those who enjoy America’s Public Lands. The park is world-famous, a destination for roughly four million people a year, with the majority arriving over just three months. Popular, scenic, and enjoyable for all ages, Yellowstone is a destination for a myriad of reasons, but young and old all seem to fall in love with the two-million-acre wilderness wonderland. 

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While many will think of the lakes, waterfalls, and iconic geysers, the majority of visitors to Yellowstone become enamored with the wildlife. Bison roam the prairies next to antelope, as wolves and bears roam the wilderness. Elk graze and bugle, bighorn sheep battle on the cliffs and fish swim through rivers and lakes, darting osprey and eagles swooping overhead. This is the only place where you can see grizzly bears and wolves roaming with bison, and you are usually able to do it from the side of the road. If you are lucky and/or know what you are doing. 

In my new book, The Ultimate Wildlife Watching Guide for Yellowstone National Park, you will learn about the major species of animals found in the park, including information about where they are frequently found. You’ll also gain knowledge on where animals are seen throughout the year, giving you the best chance to see all the wildlife you hope to see with your trip. You’ll learn about the gear needed, the best times of the day to go search for animals, and even how to approach wildlife experts to gain their knowledge. This book has the potential to turn your Yellowstone trip into the ultimate in wildlife watching. 

What makes me qualified to write this book?

The answer is experience.

I have been visiting Yellowstone for 35+ years, as well as having lived and worked right near the park. For the better part of a decade, I have visited the park nearly every single week. With thousands of trips into the stunning landscape, I have seen nearly every animal possible, numerous times. Year-round, I have traveled into the park and witnessed scenes like wolves chasing down bison and elk, grizzly bears feasting on elk and bison, elk battling for a harem, bison in the rut, and bighorn sheep challenging each other. I have seen beavers, otters, eagles, swans, and sandhill cranes. I have watched bison and elk take their first steps, and other animals take their last. I have seen coyotes and foxes dive into the snow and watched as mountain goats perch precariously from craggy rocks. I have seen it all and want to share that knowledge with you. With full-color images and a beautiful layout, this book is for every Yellowstone enthusiast, no matter the age or experience level. 

Wildlife watching in Yellowstone can be pretty easy. More than likely you will see a few animals here and there, maybe even a whole herd of elk or bison, depending on the season. But to see all the animals or at least the main ones, comes down to luck, timing, and a bit of effort. Luckily, I have been watching the animals of Yellowstone for my entire life

Yellowstone would still be impressive, without wildlife, but thanks to the 67 species of mammals in the park, we don’t have to ever think of that as a real thing. Yellowstone has seven species of native ungulates (hoofed mammals) and two species of bear, helping to make it home to the largest concentration of mammals in the lower 48 states. Over 150 bird species build their nests and fledge their young in the park’s boundaries, with another 135 species stopping off during migration. The park is also home to six reptile species (five snakes and one lizard) and five species of amphibians in prairies and wetlands. In the water, the park is home to 11 native and five non-native species of fish.

By purchasing this book you gain access to the best information on when, where, and how to see animals. You’ll learn how to spot animals from a distance, judge traffic jams for what animal might be coming up, and even be able to confidently know the difference between black bears and grizzlies, as well as wolves and coyotes.

Broken down by section of the park and also by animals, new visitors to the park can explore all of Yellowstone like experts, receiving the knowledge of guides, right from the comfort of your vehicle.

Even experienced Yellowstone visitors will gain new knowledge and fun facts about the wildlife of the park, helping to turn them into extremely knowledgeable guides themselves, able to help out new visitors to the park.

This book is the real deal and is based on 35 years of trips to America’s first National Park. 

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Purchasing The Ultimate Wildlife Watching Guide for Yellowstone National Park is the perfect start to planning your Yellowstone adventure and is sure to get you excited for all the wildlife viewing potential. Order a copy today and get ready to daydream about your next wildlife-watching adventure in Yellowstone National Park. 

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